What happened to the flags at the Weaverville Post Office? - TribPapers

What happened to the flags at the Weaverville Post Office?

Photo by Clint Parker

Weaverville – Rumors of the American Flag and the POW flag being stolen from the Weaverville Post Office are not true, the Weaverville Postmaster told the Tribune. The newspaper had received several messages that the flags had been stolen over the Fourth of July holiday. The truth is not as sensational as some might think in that a faulty flag pole was the source of the speculation. According to Nakita White, postmaster at the Weaverville post office, she noticed the old American Flag had been torn and asked maintenance to replace it, which it was. After the holiday, the post office staff saw the flag had been laid neatly inside on the counter. “A customer had picked it up and brought it in here. So we realized something was wrong with the hoisting mechanism…so that’s all it was,” White said. As for the POW flag, it needs a clip replaced, and the post office is waiting on the repair of the flag before sending it aloft again.

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