Revolution coming under the guise of reparations & social justice

Asheville – It was a good try, but we have thrown the baby out with the bathwater in our latest attempt to correct the wrongs of the nation’s past. Where do we start with the craziness that’s going on? I mean, what’s the real goal of riots, reparations and the repetition on the nightly news?

The desecration of historical monuments is not the answer. To me, the only groups that destroy monuments are revolutionaries like those in the 1917 Marxist Revolution and the Taliban.  So this is not a protest but a revolution to radically change America forever! 

These criminals not only destroyed monuments which they claimed honored white supremacists but monuments to black Union soldiers, Fredrick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln. If you don’t understand the significance of those people, you need a history lesson. 

The passing of the reparations by Asheville City County (see story page ??) was another blow to helping heal the racial divide in America. We’re now giving money out based on the color of skin. Reparation — this so-called effort to balance the economic injustice for those who’s ancestors once were slaves — paying it how, by using tax dollars paid by both black and white residents? Paying it to who — to those who never were slaves, or those whose families might not have gotten here until after 1865 or to those in the black community whose ancestors might have owned slaves themselves?

Or maybe Anne and Tom Sherry, who wrote to the Asheville City Council (see story page ??), was talking about a tax for being white when they wrote, “[We] have long thought that our city property taxes should have a line item of a significant sum dedicated to reparations and would absolutely support additional taxes that can begin to the right the deep wrongs that have devastated black Asheville. Changing our hearts will take a longer time.”

It’s been estimated that paying reparations would take the United States’ total annual domestic output for more than 200 years. Do you tax the white people who did not come to America until after 1865 or just tax them anyway for being white? Do you tax black America? 

If anything is designed to be divisive in America – its reparations. 

Along with reparation is the defund the police movement. It isn’t a move to balance what happened to any black who’s ever been wrongly killed by the police. It is part of this effort to fundamentally change our country into a so-called Marxist utopia. You can already see the changes these miscreants want to put into effect:

You see the effort to bully people (especially on social media) into thinking alike with no room for individual thought or speech different from the party line.

The fascist effort to destroy people and their livelihood when they think or speak differently from that which has been deemed and ordained politically correct. This is not the America I know, land of the free and home of the brave. This is that new America made in the image of, not of free individuals who unite under one flag, but an America that is turned in and bent on destroying the last best hope for freedom. A freedom that has never been seen in any other county in the world, and it’s not going to end well for freedom-loving individuals who love this country and want to make it better. 

No, it will not end well, especially if its left to a few radicals been on ripping it apart and making their own socialist, fascist utopia only fit to live in if you all believe the same thing, do the same thing and worship at the same altar of political correctness afraid to deviate from the path that has been laid out by the woke ones! God help us!

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