Congressional candidate Cawthorn rips Dems in local rally

Congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn was sharp and enthusiastic in his comments, to Henderson County GOP officials and media Aug. 5.

Hendersonville – Financial stability, prosperity, safety and freedoms versus violent chaos and runaway spending — that is how congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn and two leading Republicans characterize the upcoming national elections.

Hendersonville native Cawthorn was enthusiastic and forceful at a local rally Aug. 5 — hurling fastball zingers and witty sharp curves at Democrats. He made it onto the television talk show The View June 26 after winning an upset over a Republican primary challenger in which his opponent was endorsed by Trump and former Congressman Mark Meadows.

He is running against Democrat Moe Davis of Asheville, for the 11th U.S. House seat that Mark Meadows vacated to become President Donald Trump’s chief of staff.

The mini-rally was in Henderson County Republican headquarters. That is behind Applebee’s, at 170 Four Season’s Mall. The select crowd included Henderson County GOP Chr. Merry Guy. The event was called a “MAGA Meetup.” MAGA is President Trump’s motto of ‘Make America Great Again.’ The sponsor, Trump Victory, campaigns nationally mostly for the president and congressional races.

John Pence speaking
John Pence, a Trump-Pence senior campaign advisor, points out distinctions between the two main parties in this pivotal election.


John Pence: Pro-Police

Cawthorn, Trump-Pence senior advisor John Pence, and N.C. GOP Chairman Michael Whatley took turns touting Trump’s “America First” initiatives and blasting Democrats such as for recent riotous protests by their more radical supporters.

Pence, a nationwide Trump “surrogate,” warned Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is a figurehead for left wingers. He indicated Biden hinted that, in echoing the Barack Obama pledge to “fundamentally transform” American society with “institutional changes.”

Pence said the GOP is “pro-growth and jobs” and “America first” such as with fairer trade with allies and with China. He said economic “prosperity” is at stake, and was strong before the pandemic and business restrictions struck this year. He noted the NC jobless rate was 3.5 percent — less than half what it was during Obama-Biden rule.

Freedoms at risk include “when and where people can send their children to school,” Pence said. Pence, nephew of V.P. Mike Pence, was a corporate lawyer. He was Trump’s deputy campaign manager in 2016 and now has an even stronger role, as a senior advisor.

Fluent in Spanish, he was a researcher in several Latin America countries. He figures most Latino citizens are “not single-issue (immigration) voters. They also want a strong economy, safety and security, and freedoms.”

On a hot issue, Pence said “we defend our freedoms by defending the police…We need law and order, for our safety and security.”

Cawthorn: Cancel ‘Cancel’

Cawthorn also defended overall integrity of law enforcement, and their funding levels. He said Democrats are weakening police departments, and he foresees their planning a weaker “nationalized police force” in their places.

On TV’s The View, he suggested: “Have more training. Have more conflict resolution classes for these officers to learn from. But I do believe that our peacekeepers — especially here in western North Carolina — do an incredibly good job.”

At the local rally, Cawthorn ripped the “cancel culture” of leftists going against capitalism and police and said the “mob will attack us” politically ever more if their Democrat enablers are elected.

“Our freedoms will be eradicated and eroded” by greater Democrats’ constrictions, if they seize the White House and Senate to go with the U.S. House, Cawthorn said. He said results would be the regulatory-immersed “Green New Deal,” socialized medicine, and more spend ‘n tax excess.

On The View, he warned that with health coverage for all, it results in “rationing care.”If I was in a country that practiced socialized medicine, I genuinely believe I would be dead today” since he was given “only a one percent chance to live” after a severe auto crash on April 2, 2014.

Cawthorn was paralyzed, as a result. He gets around in a wheelchair. He lifts weights, keeping fit. He said on The View  he learned “grit and perseverance.” Pence at the rally saluted Cawthorn overcoming personal adversity, in realizing. “there are no shortcuts to great victory.”

David Madison Cawthorn was home-schooled, a competitive debater, three-sport standout, and Asheville Saints football captain. His parents are Roger and Priscilla Cawthorn.

He turns 25 this month, reaching the minimal age to serve in Congress ahead of the election Nov. 3. He calls for Republicans to reach out more to younger voters. When asked by The Tribune how to best do that, he had several ideas.

“Freedom, security and having more money in their pockets” are among younger people’s priorities, he reasoned. He said the best way to reach younger people is with cross-generational “common sense. You live within your means. Shouldn’t the federal government have to do so, too?” He added, “my brother has four young children. He wants lower taxes, and his family to feel safe.” He said long-range plans appeal to youth, such as his “20-year plan to balance the budget.”

The GOP has too long been seen as the “party of no,” he said. yet now Democrats are stifling business operations and other freedoms amidst the pandemic. The GOP can make more inroads on the ethical front, he said. For instance, “having an unsecured Southern border leads to more human trafficking.”

He calls for congressional term limits. He said career politicians can get too secure and powerful. “Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress longer than I’ve been alive,” he noted. He said he listens to citizens, over super PACs.

Cawthorn called for a Republican “team effort” going for several national and state offices. He said concerned citizens should not be “silent” supporters, but instead recruit friends to help. He said, “the pen of destiny is inside your hand.”

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