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Asheville Non-Partisan Citywide Race 2020

Asheville City Hall

Asheville – For eligible voters out there who have not yet voted for their choice of Asheville City Council members, here is what you can expect to see when you get to the polling booth. 

You may choose 3 of the following candidates: 

Sandra Kilgor

Asheville Native and local business owner, appointed to the Asheville Planning & Zoning Commission. “Together we can ensure that Asheville becomes a place that we are all proud to call home. “ Party affiliation: Democrat.

Rich Lee

Served in the Peace Corp, and currently a community activist. Background in Urban Planning, and priorities include smart management of our city infrastructure, improving traffic issues, affordable housing, and fostering local business. Party affiliation: Democrat.

Kim Roney

Founding member and manager of  local 103.3 FM radio station.  Serves on Asheville’s Multimodal Transportation Commission & Transit Committee. Supports Green New Deal and Climate Justice.   Party affiliation: Unaffiliated. 

Sage Turner

Background in Urban Planning, vows to grow the community with restoring our Arts & Culture. Priorities: Climate resiliency, responsible smart growth, helping vulnerable families, growing our local economy. Party affiliation: Democrat. 

Keith Young 

Incumbent candidate. Priorities: Affordable housing, transit system, and sustainability. Wants to take care of people in need, and pledges to use his office “to champion a Green New Deal in all ways. “ Party affiliation: Democrat. 

Nicole Townsend

Appears on the ballot but announced in August that she was dropping out of the race due to Covid-19 concerns.

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