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Mark Robinson holds meet & greet in Asheville

Mark Robinson, a candidate for Lt. Gov for North Carolina, gave an Inspiring talk on Saturday.

Asheville – Despite rainy, foul weather there was a large attendance to meet the candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Mark Robinson at the Republican Headquarters in Asheville on October 10th. As the large  man strode into the room, a long line of people followed him into the Asheville GOP headquarters.   Once assembled, he started with a joke about wearing a red shirt, and being a black man who is also a Republican. This was followed by an inspiring and stirring talk to the packed crowd with a clear message.  “Americans must continue to live under the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  This election is about America and our freedoms,” he said.  “The left wants to control everything and destroy law enforcement.” “All hands need to be on deck.  Be active, stay connected, and remember to tell others.”  “Crime has gone up 200 or 300%.”  Of course the criminals want to “Defund the Police.”  

Where Mark Robinson stands on issues

Mark is a fierce fighter for the 2nd Amendment.  As a Christian, he will honor the sanctity of life.  He believes that education is one of the most important issues that our state faces today. He personally knows what it is like for NAFTA to gut wages and take jobs, having experienced lost jobs and wages twice.  He will fight for workers across North Carolina to make sure they have jobs to support their families.   Mark grew up as the ninth of ten children in Greensboro in a house with no heat, no air conditioning and no shower and an alcoholic father.   As a child he ended up in the foster care system.  He credits his mother as being the reason he is the man he is today.  She taught him about the Bible and told her children they could be whatever they wanted to be. Mark joined the army reserves, where he served as a medical specialist for three years.  After a number of jobs and career changes, he managed to attend UNCG, studying history, and eventually got a masters, then a PHD.

Editor’s Note: The last paragraph is sourced from the website.

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