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Annual Cops for Kids, on but with Changes

Past days of the Weaverville Police bays full of toys for the Cops for Kids program have ended due to COVID-19. Now only monetary donations are accepted. Photo by Clint Parker.

Weaverville – The Weaverville Police Department is happy to announce that they are beginning their 18th Annual Cops for Kids program. 

“This year has been very difficult on all of us, and many changes have had to occur in almost every facet of life. The Cops for Kids program is no different,” said Sergeant Andy Mace, Event Coordinator for the program. “Like so many of you, we are having to adapt the program to help minimize all parties involved to the possible exposure of COVID-19. These changes, however, will be permanent.”

According to Mace, the Weaverville Police Department has always been closely involved with the Weaverville Primary and Elementary schools for this program. “Because of this, we have decided to partner with the schools for the Cops for Kids program on a more official basis.”

Weaverville Police Sergeant Andy Mace. Photo by Clint Parker
Weaverville Police Sergeant Andy Mace.

Mace explains while the Weaverville Police Department will continue to raise money before and during the Christmas season each year to help local children. “We will donate the money raised to the Weaverville Primary and Elementary schools for them to use for children’s needs. The schools will be helping children in need during the Christmas season but will now also have the means to help children throughout the year. There is a need in our community during the holidays, but that is not the only time families need help. The school’s personnel can better identify and help children throughout the year.”

He also said the Cops for Kids program “will no longer accept toys or clothes, only monetary donations. The monetary donations will still help kids at Christmas with toys and clothes, but due to the logistics of having to store, separate, and disseminate hundreds of toys and clothes, those items will be purchased as needed by the schools with your monetary donations.”

“Your donations are still needed,” Mace said because of the overwhelming support from the Weaverville community, this program has gone from raising $438 in its first year to raising over $20,000 each of the past several years! The changes to the program will benefit local children year-round—which is truly what the program is all about.

Mace says you can make your donations at the Weaverville Police Department located at 30 South Main Street, Weaverville, NC 28787. Cash donations are welcome or checks made payable to Weaverville Police Department with “Cops for Kids” in the memo. You can also contact Mace at the Police Department at 828-645-5700 if you have any questions. 

“Thank you for your continued support,” he added.

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