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Fundraising Helps New Community Center

While the construction for the new community center at Lake Louise is completely funded. Other things like landscaping and furnishings are not.

Weaverville The new community center at Lake Louise is under a roof and well on its way to completion, according to Weaverville Town Manager Selena Coffey’s report at the October town council meeting. While the $2.9 million-plus building has received most of its funding through the town and grants, the council is raising some funds, and Weaverville Councilman Patrick Fitzsimmons leads that effort.

Asked how much money the council was raising, Fitzsimmons said, “We have set a goal of $25,000 to be raised by the public for the new community center.”

Asked for what the money will be used, he explained, “Funds raised are to be used for unfunded items at the new community center. Basically, construction is funded, but items needed for the interior are not, such as projectors, tables, chairs, etc. Also, trees have been funded, but other landscaping has not. The fundraising project also gives town citizens an opportunity to participate in the development of our new community center.”

Asked why the town did not fund this part of the project, Fitzsimmons said, “Town Council approved funds for constructing the main community center. They knew they would have to revisit this once we neared completion to provide for supplies and materials for the center and [for] what we are calling Phase 2, how to develop the land behind the center which may include landscaping, recreational equipment, nature trail, etc.”

So how is the town raising the $25,000? According to Fitzsimmons, “We will conduct a donor campaign during the winter months, asking individuals and companies in the town to donate. We will have a public campaign in the spring, which will give townspeople the chance to participate with smaller donations. This may be something similar to a ‘buy a brick’ style project, but it is undefined as of yet.”

He added, “We hope the new community center will be widely used by townspeople and want to encourage input and participation from our citizens in how we develop and use this great new facility which should open by next Memorial Day.”

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