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Boutique Has Perfect Pieces for Holidays

Owner and founder Madison Roberts.

Asheville – During this holiday season, Life Styled Boutique is opening a pop-up store at the Asheville Outlet Mall. The boutique sells women’s clothing and accessories from sizes XS to 3X.

“We just want to have something that every woman can fall in love with and feel beautiful in and confident,” says owner Madison Roberts.

Following experience managing another local boutique, Madison Roberts started Life Styled as an online store in September 2019. She opened the store pop-up on Nov 7, which will be open through December 31.

“This is our first pop-up store experience. We’re really excited to be here and we’ll be here until the end of the month. So we’re just here for the holiday season,” Roberts says.

Life Styled is located between Levis and Express at the Asheville Outlet Mall. Roberts reflected that the temporary storefront has allowed for great customer connection.

“I feel like having a storefront has definitely expanded the business,” Roberts states. “There’s been a lot of foot traffic and it’s reached an audience I typically probably wouldn’t have reached if I was just online. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and met a lot of new faces which have been wonderful.”

With the success of the popup store, Roberts anticipates opening a permanent location for the boutique in the new year.

“My goal is in the next few months, depending on how everything plays out, I would love to start looking for a permanent location somewhere in town. That definitely is the end goal,” she says.

Life Styled Boutique has something for everyone, says Roberts. The wide variety of pieces suit many different styles.

“I like to have something for everyone. I have some pieces that are more classic and timeless and some that are a little more fashion forward and trendier,” Roberts explains. “I definitely want to reach a wide audience and have pieces that every woman feels their best in and confident in.”

Shop Life Styled Boutique at the Asheville Outlets or online at

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