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Cops for Kids Doesn’t End After Christmas

Photo by Nathan Dumalo

Weaverville – The Weaverville Police Department held its 18th annual Cops for Kids program this holiday season with some permanent socially distant modifications. Rather than a toy donation, Weaverville PD is accepting monetary contributions before and after the Christmas season to donate to Weaverville Primary and Elementary Schools. School administrators will then purchase toys and essentials for children and families. Money left over from the holiday season will go towards a fund to meet children’s needs throughout the school year.

“The need in our community extends beyond the holiday season,” says Sergeant Andy Mace. “Any money that is left over will be set aside into account where [school administrators] can help children throughout the year because unfortunately, Christmas isn’t the only time of year that the kids need help.”

COVID-19 Changes

In past years, officers have taken to the toy aisles and shopped for the children with monetary donations. Beginning this year, the police department is handing over the holiday shopping to school counselors to reduce contact during COVID-19.

“[Toy shopping] will be looked over by their school counselors. They obviously have a pretty good finger on the pulse of what the children in the school system need,” Sergeant Mace says.

The overwhelming support from the Weaverville community allowed the program to accelerate from raising $438 in its first year to raising over $20,000 each of the past several years. The Weaverville Police Department hopes that the year-round monetary donation program will be a gift that keeps on giving.

“The changes to the program will benefit our local children year-round which is truly what this is all about,” Sergeant Mace reflected in a statement.

Please make your donations at the Weaverville Police Department located at 30 South Main Street, Weaverville, NC 28787. Cash donations are welcome or checks made payable to Weaverville Police Department with Cops for Kids in the memo.

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