Christmas letters to God?

Asheville – I asked children to write a letter to God about what Christmas means to them as part of the Kids’ Christmas Art Contest. Here are excerpts of their letters:


“Dear God: Every Christmas Day, I always get up first. I look to see if the cookies are gone. One time, I saw a footprint. We also have hot cocoa. Your child, Anthony (age 10).”


“Dear God: I know it’s more than just getting presents, but I’m just a kid right now. So, do you think I should ask for an angel or a game cube? Wait a minute. I’m going a little off the subject. Anyways, thanks for making Christmas. Sincerely yours, Chip (age unknown).”


“Dear God: Christmas is my favorite holiday. It is the one day my family gets together (including Thanksgiving and New Year’s, but Christmas is my favorite). I also like to hang out with my cousins, especially the big ones. When I say ‘family,’ God, I include the dogs as well. My family has a lot of dogs including a Labrador, a border collie and a beagle. I love to be with my family so much, I would rather be with them than get a hundred video games and toys. Your child and follower, Ranjit.”


“Dear God: Christmas is my favorite holiday. I am very happy for you because it is your birthday. I also get to be with all of my family at Christmas. Another reason is that I get a long time off from school. I love to tell the world about you being born. Last year, I was Joseph in my church Christmas play. Sincerely, Nick.”

Leigh Ann

“Dear God: Though I know Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, I still like to get presents. It’s fun to unwrap presents as a surprise. You don’t even know what you’re going to get. I give a lot of my toys away. I get sad sometimes getting rid of things. I’m OK with it later. Love, Leigh Ann.”


“Dear God: I love the smell of the house and the tree on Christmas morning. I love the feeling of Christmas on its way. Your friend, Jon (age 10).”


“Dear God: How are you doing? Is heaven OK? I just wanted you to know what Christmas means to me. Christmas means a time of joy, peace on Earth and rejoicing the day your Son, Christ came down to Earth. That one night was the most holy night on Earth. The presents that I get every year are OK, but the greatest present you gave to the world was Jesus. Sincerely, Howard (age 10).”


“Dear God: I know that a lot of people forget about you and think that Christmas is all about gifts. However, it is all about you and Jesus. I am really thankful that you sent down your one and only Son. That was such a great gift from you. Also, I am thankful for Jesus dying for us and our sins so that we could experience your love in heaven. Happy Birthday, Jesus! Love, Lorenzo.”


“Dear God: I am a new person when I get close to you when I pray. I see the lights on homes that represent Christmas. I get happy. I always get presents for Christmas. The Christmas lights inside my house and the tree ornaments are the best thing I like to put up. They are very nice cause they represent you, God. Sincerely your best friend, E.J.”


“Dear God: This time of the year where many give gifts to each other, I want to give my heart to Jesus. For me, this is the real meaning of Christmas, not giving among us, but to give your Son back what should be His. Jezrel.”

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” (II Corinthians 9:15).

Merry Christmas!

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