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New Woodfin’s Mountain Village Zoning rules

Map shows areas in the town suitable for the Mountain Village Zoning District.

Woodfin – Last month Woodfin’s commissioners then took up a public hearing for an amendment to the Mountain Village Zoning District’s text. The zoning district had been under a moratorium for most of the year.  

According to documents from Woodfin’s Town Planner Adrienne Isenhower, the reason for the moratorium was “due to an influx of development applications for the district” and that the changes to the Mountain Village Zoning District was to “mitigate the issues currently associated with the district.”  Among the changes recommended to the zoning district by Isenhower and voted in by the Woodfin Town Commissioners were: 

• Reducing the allowable density from 17 units (approximately 2500 square foot per dwelling) per acre to eight units (approximately 5000 square foot per dwelling) per acre.

• Move cottage clusters and group development to a conditional use instead of by right. • This will allow the planning and zoning board more “discretion”  in development approvals

Developers have to issue a performance guarantee for mixed-use, group development and cottage clusters.

• There was also a clarification of definitions that “were not clearly defined in the ordinance.” Those included: “accessory apartment, cottage clusters, dwelling (single-family zero lot line), passive park, recreational uses (governmental) and recreational uses (related to residential development).”

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