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New Girl Scout Cookie

Denise (right) and Amanda Teague at a Girl Scouts event.

Western North Carolina – The Girl Scouts are rolling out a new treat just in time for cookie season. The brand-new Toast-Yay! Cookie is a light, toast-shaped French toast flavored cookie.

Apart from the five hallmark flavors: thin mints, shortbread, samoas, peanut butter patties and do-si-does, three other flavors selected by the scouts rotate in. Their longevity is contingent on their popularity. 

Sweet Stamp of Approval

The Haywood County troop has tried the cookies and given their stamp of approval. They anticipate high sales for the new treat.

“We know that it tastes good. But it’s so early in the sale, that it’s really hard to tell whether it’s gonna be a successful cookie. Generally, people really like to taste the new one and so sales will be higher that first year,” says Denise Teague, Girl Scout service unit cookie manager of Haywood County.

Last year, Haywood County alone sold approximately $130,000 worth of cookies, says Teague. The order period for this cookie season stretches from Dec. 15 to March 8. The girls are beginning to distribute the sweet treats this week. While you’ll still see troops selling boxes outside of grocery stores and gas stations, the scouts are implementing a contactless drop off option as well through the website.

“The Girl Scouts as an organization has said that in person sales are still possible. In Haywood County, there are troops that are going to be set up in front of Lowes and Vorizon and the other places where we normally set up in Haywood County. But I think it’s going to be much, many fewer girls and probably fewer pockets of time that will be in person.”

Much More Than Cookies

When you purchase a box of girl scout cookies, you’re supporting the empowerment of girls and the betterment of their communities. Of each box sold, 25 percent of proceeds goes back to the troop and another 25 percent funds scholarships says Teague.

“The troop uses the money to fulfill trips and different service projects we do,” says Amanda Teague, Girl Scout ambassador and Denise Teague’s daughter. 

If you’re trying to stay away from sweets, you can support “Operation Sweet Treat,” a program that sends cookies to military troops. $60 can send a 12-box case of cookies overseas. 

Use the ‘cookie locator’ on the Girl Scout website ( to place an order with the nearest troop.

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