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Is North Carolina a Good State to go Off-Grid?

Planning to live off-grid in North Carolina? Maybe think twice.

Western North CarolinaReady to break free from all the crap that’s going on in the world? Want to live off-grid and cut all ties and just be left alone? Can you even do that in North Carolina?

You can, but according to a study done by LawnStarter, a leading outdoor service provider, North Carolina is not the best state to do that. They found North Carolina ranks 35th out of the 50 states to live off-grid, with an overall score of 57.24 of 100, ranking just higher than Texas.

The study came up with the ranking by comparing the 50 states and DC “across 20 key factors of off-grid feasibility, infrastructure, climate, cost and safety. [The] data set ranges from average per-acre cost of farmland to legality of rainwater harvesting to average monthly temperature.”

The Old North State ranked 49th in feasibility, 26th in infrastructure, 5th in climate, 22nd in cost and 40th in safety. 

Best Places to Live

Looking for a better state to which to undertake your off the grid attempt?  Well, the best state was Kentucky, ranked in first place with an overall score of 72.66, but a short drive across the state line will get you to the fourth-best state, South Carolina, with an overall score of 67.36, and its warmer too. How did our neighbor to the west fair in the report? Tennessee ranked 13th, scoring 64.88 in the overall score. 

The worst state to live off-grid, according to the study, was Alaska, with only the District of Columbia scoring lower. And our friends to the north, Virginia, also scored higher with a 61.34.

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