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Court Inaction Incites Citizen Despair

Photograph by Matt Hardy

AshevilleEditor’s note: This commentary is not meant to condone or condemn what happened at the US Capital on Wednesday, only analyze why it happened.

A tsunami is a “series of waves in a water body caused by the displacement of a large volume of water, generally in an ocean,” often caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, which then cause great disruption on land. What we saw in Washington on Wednesday, January 6 was just a beginning wave of a looming tsunami. 

Six years ago, a businessman by the name of Trump came down an escalator in New York and said he was going to run for the Presidency. He had no political experience and no party backing. Most people took it as a joke of some sort. Some didn’t. Some just knew he could win. And he did. As a Republican. Because he knew the pulse of the American people.

The attacks on him began immediately and increased when it became clear he was gaining traction. In 2016, the FBI director began an inflammatory investigation of his campaign. They, the elite, the “ruling class” really wanted to get rid of him. But it came to nothing.

In 2017 they appointed a special counsel to investigate his connections with Russia, all of which they made up and falsified. This crusade mounted on baseless accusations and a totally bogus “dossier” paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign cost taxpayers $40 million, used 19 lawyers, 40 agents and took two, long tiresome years. It too came to nothing. The media had a field day with all of the accusations and pounded Trump on every occasion. They have never stopped.

The Democrats still were not appeased. In 2019 based on the testimony of a whistleblower who worked for Joe Biden, the Democrats tried to impeach Trump based on claims of ‘abuse of power.’ Once again, it came to nothing, and he was acquitted. It had tied up Congress for months. Trump was not gone.

Now the Democrats were in panic mode. The next election was coming up, and they had to stop Trump. But Trump was a strong candidate. Really strong.  When his opponent, Joe Biden, would have a rally, maybe 100 people would show up. When Trump held a rally, 35,000 to 50,000 people would appear. And Biden often was hidden away for a week to 10 days.

What did the Democrats do? The Constitution says that election laws are set by state legislatures. But the Democrats decided to do an end-run around these laws to get better set up to influence the outcomes. It was all unconstitutionally done.

In Arizona, the law says that voter registration ends on October 5. But a court-appointed judge of Obama, by fiat, extended that by 18 days. No vote. No discussion.

In Pennsylvania, the law says that mail-in ballots require signature verification. But the Democrat Pennsylvania Secretary of State said, ‘No, I will decide by myself that they don’t.’

For almost 2.7 million ballots! No vote. No discussion.

It also says, in Pennsylvania, that mail-in ballots have to be in by 8 pm on election day. The Democrat Pennsylvania Supreme Court said, ”No,” and extended it three more days. No discussion.

The law in Pennsylvania also says mail-in ballots can’t be processed until election day. Many crucial counties in Pennsylvania said to heck with that and allowed ballots to be processed before election day.

In the other key states of Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin similar shenanigans occurred. There was also much critical analysis of the voting machines from Dominion which needed to be investigated due to numerous questions about their accuracy.

And then came the election. On election day and into the early evening, Trump was running well ahead, especially in the important states listed above. Then suddenly around 11 pm, the voting was suddenly stopped; when counting was resumed in the morning, Biden was somehow miraculously way ahead. By thousands of votes! Something was obviously wrong to anyone paying attention. The most patriotic Americans who consider their vote sacred certainly noticed.

When the votes were finally ‘tallied’ days later, it appeared that Trump had lost. Having received over eleven million more votes than he did in 2016, Trump had increased his margins with Hispanic Americans and with African Americans; he had won Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina. Down ticket Republicans had won in 27 of 27 toss-up elections. Yet the president responsible for this enthusiastic response had lost after the midnight votes of dubious origins.

Something was wrong. Seriously wrong. And yet nothing was being investigated by the legal system that was supposed to be the watchdog for the American people.  The Supreme Court refused to even hold hearings on the matter when several states had filed suits there to present their grievances.  None of the state courts would hold hearings following numerous requests by people who had been eyewitnesses to much voter fraud. Why?

It was easy to witness the testimony of hundreds of them when they were permitted to testify in front of some state legislators who were deeply concerned. But the court and justice system vanished. These testimonies were carried by only a few alternative media channels and none by the so-called mainstream media. All was hunky-dory except for the victims of what critics deemed the “heist of the century”.     

It was always the same; the courts said those bringing the claims did not have ‘proper standing.’

Even the Congress of the United States did not hold a single hearing on the corrupted balloting.

Technicalities and the ‘rule’ of law carried the day.  The actual reason for the law didn’t factor into the equation.

Tens of millions of people became aware of this. Seventy million-plus had voted for Trump and were astonished and terrified at what they were witnessing. The justice system had vanished and was nowhere to be found. The mega-media (including Google, Facebook and Twitter) were filtering out reporting that suggested anything was amiss. Millions felt hurt by the obvious fraud and corruption that was contemptuously dismissed by those responsible.

The wounded had nowhere to turn.  The courts ignore them; their elected officials were unconcerned; balloting was not scrutinized for honesty and accuracy; police have been demoralized and spat upon. In sum, the “ruling class” that locked them down based upon whim and cared little about saving the jobs of those who elected them, proved again that they truly did not care.

And so, a tsunami was triggered. A tipping point was the Supreme Court’s refusal to even hear the case brought by Texas, and backed by 18 other states, against Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Equally unconcerned was the U.S. Department of Justice. And then on the morning of January 6, Vice President Mike Pence showed his true colors.

The gathering in Washington demonstrated how deep is the displeasure with our entire legislative and judicial system.  Nothing seems to be working and nothing is fair.

Now tens of millions of Americans have nowhere to go. And this is just the beginning. A sleeping giant has awakened.

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