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Organic Bakery Opens in Woodfin

Dogwood Cottage Baking.


An organic bakery has opened near Beaver Lake that offers pastries, bread and hot drinks.

A new, organic bakery bears beautiful pastries backed by locally-sourced ingredients. Amanda Plyler opened Dogwood Cottage Baking at 175 Weaverville Rd in Woodfin three weeks ago. Each morning, Plyler bakes a myriad of pastries and prepares hot drinks for eager customers.

Plyler prepares all sorts of pastries and baked goods for sale, including turnovers, muffins, cookies and sourdough bread. Her ingredients are sourced through organic and local suppliers. 

“All of my items that I make are organic or non GMO. That’s important to me because last year I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. I had to change everything in my diet,” Plyler says. “At that time, I changed all the ingredients of everything that I make so there’s nothing artificial. That’s what I want to provide to the community.”

Plyler began her baking journey in her home. After discovering her passion in the kitchen, she took courses in AB Tech’s bakery and pastry arts program. She proved herself a marketable baker after finding success selling her pastries at local tailgate markets. The opening of her own bakery is the realization of her culinary dreams.

Quality is the cornerstone of Dogwood Cottage Baking. Plyler relies on suppliers from Asheville for flour and grabs herbs from her garden for pastries. She adjusts her menu with the seasons to maintain freshness in her baked goods.

“I want to give to the community a quality that they can trust when they come in to buy pastries. Yes, you’re getting sugar and butter and all that stuff, but we use grass fed butter and grass fed milk. You’re consuming the best ingredients I’m able to find,” Plyler says.

Grab some coffee, bread for the week and maybe a scone to go at Dogwood. The mouth-watering pastries are addicting, says Plyler. 

“My most popular item is my scones. I also make an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie that people get addicted to. We warn customers if you buy one, and you’re gonna be coming back, because they’re so good,” Plyler says.

Triple berry scones. Photo by Abi Cole.
Triple berry scones.

Right Space, Right Place

Plyler settled on the Woodfin location to “fill a gap” for a local bakery in the area. Situated in the in-between space between Beaver Lake and Weaverville, Plyler says that several customers have expressed their excitement for this addition to the community. 

“I’ve had people just appreciate that there’s just another kind of small bakery, a local bakery in the area. The space was the right space in the right place,” Plyler says.

Dogwood Cottage Baking is located at 175 Weaverville Rd, Asheville. Hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday, from 8 am to 12 pm.

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