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Cawthorn Announces Service Academy Nominations

Western North Carolina

Representative Cawthorn honored local students who have been nominated to a service academy.

NC-11 Congressional Representative Madison Cawthorn released the names of students from the district who have been nominated to a service academy.

Cawthorn said in the release, “I am proud to announce Service Academy Nominations for this year. My district office has worked tirelessly to complete the entire nomination process in time for the January 31st, 2021 deadline. We are the only freshman congressional office to have reviewed all applicants and met that deadline.” 

“My team reissued applications on January 4th to all applicants who made the November 2020 deadline, contacted each applicant and set up an interview time for each one to meet with our committee. My district staff’s dedication to deliver on our promise of considering Service Academy Nominations is to be commended. Each successful applicant has received a congratulatory letter from myself, and a framed picture from that day. We are excited to announce that two applicants have already received their appointments.”

Below are the names of those nominated (left to right) with Representative Madison Cawthorn in front: 

Luther Leblanc 

Veritas Christian Academy 

John Ross 

Hendersonville High School 

Luke Artz 

Enka High School 

Connor Mailander 

Carolina Day School 

Graham Green 

Brevard High School 

Not pictured you will find the following applicant. 

Derek Meaney 

McDowell County High School

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