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“My Sister’s Vote was Stolen!”

A Henderson County woman is claiming that her sister’s vote was fraudulently signed by a long-term care worker.


A Henderson County woman alleges that her sister’s vote was fraudulently signed.

There’s been a lot made in this year’s election about voter fraud. Most experts admit that voter fraud exists in every election. Several people across the nation have been arrested for large-scale voter fraud. Some individuals were even caught on video by Project Veritas bragging about the crime.  

Now, one Henderson County woman alleges her sister’s vote was stolen and believes that it wasn’t just her sister’s vote.

Laura Moore posted her story on Facebook saying, “ I’ve taken a while to post this because I wanted to go through the proper channels to get this out there. To begin, my sister, Alicia, is a resident in an assisted living facility. I always help her vote in both primary and general elections. There is one issue that is close to her heart, so I research each candidate and go over each one with her so she can choose.” 

“This year she kept asking me to help, but without being able to go into her facility, I could not help her find her ballot. We just decided it was lost. The day after the election, my friend…mentioned that we should check to make sure our votes were counted. While checking my vote, I just decided to look at my sister’s. I was astonished when I saw that her absentee ballot had been mailed in September! I then checked a couple of other names of residents from the facility and saw that their votes had been submitted as well. When I talked to their families, they too, were unaware that their family members had voted.” 

It was then that Moore started her investigation into the matter, “My first stop was our county’s Board of Elections. They were friendly, supportive and helpful in finding who witnessed my sister’s ballot. I immediately recognized this person as a staff member at the facility. In my research, I discovered that it is a Class 1 felony for a staff member to witness a ballot (N.C.G.S. § 163-226.3) makes it a Class I felony for owners, managers, directors, and employees of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, or rest homes (‘facilities’) to provide their patients needing assistance with absentee voting. Assistance includes making a request for an absentee ballot, signing the voter’s absentee ballot application or certificate as a witness, or marking or assisting the voter in marking an absentee ballot.”

Now, what to do?

Moore admits, at first, she was conflicted about what to do in her post, saying, “While my intention is not to get anyone into legal trouble, I am angered at the fact that Alicia’s vote was stolen. How do I know it was stolen? I know that my sister does need assistance and no one would have researched each candidate for her. Also, local races are extremely important to us, and no one at the facility would have known that our former junior high vice-principal was running for Board of Education and Alicia loved him and his wife, a former elementary teacher of hers.”

Moore said she went to her state senator’s office, Chuck Edwards. “He and his staff have been very helpful and encouraging in taking the appropriate steps to get this stopped. It is too late to change anything from the past election, but this must never happen again going forward. We know that Alicia did not cast this ballot. She would have remembered because voting is important to her, and she asked about it so many times. Her vote was stolen! Out of 60 residents, how many had their votes submitted without their knowledge? How many other facilities has this happened in? One vote is too many, but how many does this add up to across the county … across the state … across the country …?”

Sarah Glad, an aide to Sen. Edwards (see comments by Edwards on the election on page 5) confirmed that the senator looked into the incident. Asked if she was aware that Moore was also claiming that others had their loved ones’ votes stolen, Glad said, “I’m not aware of that.” Glad did say Edwards planned on keeping a close monitoring of this in future elections. Moore says she is pursuing an investigation by law enforcement.

Editor’s note: This is a developing story and we will continue to follow it.

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