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Police recognition of Town’s 50th

Woodfin’s new patch and badge.

WoodfinIn recognition of the 50th anniversary of the Town of Woodfin, officers of the Woodfin Police Department will be donning new badges for 2021. This unique badge will be worn by officers only this year, and then the department will resume with the traditional badge next year. The badge displays just below where it has Woodfin Police, the words “50 years.”

However, the new badge is not the only new item on the officers’ uniform. There will also be a new permanent shoulder patch adorning our officers’ uniforms.

“As we transition into our new attire, you may see a mix of new and old patches when you encounter officers. We hope to have all of our apparel updated soon,” the department said in a statement. “Also, our reserve officers will still have the traditional badge as they join us on patrol.”

The town will celebrate its creation by the NC General Assembly on April 30th. Woodfin is turning 50 years old, very young compared to its neighboring town to the north, Weaverville, which is 146 years old, and its neighbor to the south, Asheville, which is 224 years old.

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