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Nonprofit Impacting on Community with Round-Up Donations


When you round up your purchase to the nearest dollar at the Asheville Habitat ReStores, you aren’t just supporting one non-profit– your donation is contributing to the work of a wide range of non-profits meeting myriad community needs. In 2020, the Asheville Habitat ReStore raised more than $18,000 through the Register Round Up program and donated the funds to eight local non-profits:

ABCCM’s Veterans Restoration Quarters

Children First

Guardian Ad Litem Association

Literacy Council

Martin Luther King Jr. Association Scholarship Fund

OneBuncombe Fund (x3months)

Pisgah Legal Services

Racial Justice Coalition

ReStore Register Round-Up

Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity implemented the ReStore Register Round Up program in 2019 in an effort to help support other non-profits serving our community. In that first year, the program raised $11,717 for local non-profits by way of thousands of small, sub-$1 donations from ReStore shoppers who rounded up their purchases to the nearest dollar at the Habitat ReStore in Asheville and Weaverville. Small change adds up to a big impact! In 2020, program proceeds exceeded those of 2019 by 54%, even with the ReStore be- ing closed in April and May. Thanks to the generosity of ReStore shoppers, Asheville Habitat donated $18,000 to local non-profits in 2020. Furthermore, in the months after Covid-19 descended on our nation, the percentage of shoppers who rounded up their purchases in the ReStore increased by 8% and held firm through the end of the year. In our community, greater need + greater challenge = greater generosity.

One Round-Up program partner, the Guardian Ad Litem Association, whose members provide one-on-one support as well as court-appointed advocacy to children in Buncombe County’s foster care system, wrote to the ReStore saying “…your contributions allow us to bring some joy and normalcy into our children’s lives with items such as bikes, swimming lessons, and soccer uniforms, as well as provide basic needs like warm clothing, school supplies and bedding.”

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