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East Eagles Unleash a Huge Line & Runner

Photo by Pete Zamplas.

East Flat Rock – East Henderson unleashes a huge offensive line and a “Fridge”-like runner in frigid weather, in this winter-spring football season.

The predominant junior 38-player roster has many who played often as varsity sophomores in 2019. East looks to be on the way up.

New quarterback Isaac Burleson (5-7, 130 so.) is quick. He dashed in for two touchdowns in the opener, a 28-14 loss to cross-town rival North Henderson. “Isaac is smart. He understands the game,” Heatherly said.  He rolls with it. He has no fear. He’s a competitor. Once he figures our offense, we’ll have a good ‘orchestra’ playing.”

FB-TE Gus Schillig (6-3, 270) is East Flat Rock’s version of William “The Refrigerator” Perry, the Bears lineman who at times ran in for a score then did the Super Bowl Shuffle. “Gus is a load. He loves contact. It’s ‘take your work britches’ time, trying to slow him,” Heatherly said. Schillig broke a few tackles, so far this season. “We’re confident in his running. RB Ethan Heatherly (5-5, 135 sr.) is quick.

“East has tremendous size” with Schillig a “dang load,” North Henderson head coach Jim Beatty said. “They want to pound you, and keep the ball away from you.”

The wingbacks/half backs are apt to carry the ball more, as the season goes on, Coach Heatherlysaid. Rotating wingbacks are Tanner Allison (5-10, 140 sr.), Brent Burleson (5-6, 145 sr.), Tyler Adams (5-9, 160 so.) and Wadu Easler (5-8, 150 jr.). “They’re quick and agile. They’re trying to find or create running lanes in the open field,” Coach Heatherly said.

Wide receivers Conner Ducette (6-4, 190 sr.) and Mason Anders (6-2, 172 jr.) and TE Ty McCrary (6-1, 199 sr.) are big targets.

Photo by Pete Zamplas.
Photo by Pete Zamplas.

East Henderson’s massive offensive line averages 275 pounds. Its sole senior is left tackle Nolan Osteen (6-1, 250 sr.). Other offensive line starters are center Brody Lindsey (6-4, 320 jr.), right tackle Daniel Russell (6-2, 285 jr.), left guard Aiden Davis (6-0, 240 jr.) and right guard Nathan Rhodes (5-10, 220 jr.). “They are very athletic. They can move,” Heatherly said. “They’re tight-knit. They’re fun to be around.“ A good omen as the season goes on is as Coach Heatherly notes, “they’re smart. Once they figure out our blocking schemes, we can have the best line in the conference. We have the tools up front to be successful — with endless possibilities.”

Kicker Aldo Montano (5-9, 165 jr.) can “hit them from 50 yards like it’s nothing,” Heatherly said.

The Eagle base defense is now a 3-3 “stack.” The simpler objective is “just go find the football,” Heatherly said. “We did a great job of pursuing, against North’s quick backs and receivers.” Up front are huge NG Matthew Allison (6-2, 305 sr.), flanked by Schillig and lanky Parker Summey (6-5, 230 sr.).

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