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Rockets Run Over Warriors

Anthony Lewis.

LeicesterTaking the game kickoff back for a 89-yard touchdown and a two-point conversion just 12 seconds into the game, the Reynolds Rockets lived up to their name and set the game’s tone. The local powerhouse Rockets would win 49-29 over the Erwin Warriors, making Erwin 1-1 in conference play.

The kickoff play was made by the Rockets’ Senior Anthony Lewis (#9 – 5’ 11” • 160 lbs) who blew through the Erwin defensive line (see side photo) and sprinted for the touchdown to set the bar for the evening’s contest.`

Erwin tried to return the favor by running their kickoff back but fell short by 20 plus yards, but would finally punch the football in with a pass to the endzone and make their own two-point play to tie the game up 8-8 early in the first quarter. Defenses took over for the rest of the first quarter and no other scores would be made. 

In the second, the Rockets would outscore the Warriors 21-7 making the halftime score 29-15. The Rockets would resume outscoring Erwin in the third quarter by 14-7, making Erwin go into the fourth quarter down by 21 points. Erwin would only score seven in the fourth, while Reynolds added six more to produce the final score of 49-29.

Erwin faces the Robinville Knights in an away game on Friday, while the undefeated Rockets meet the undefeated T.C. Roberson Rams.

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