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Touchdown After Touchdown at NB vs Enka

Photo by Natalie Cole.

Asheville  – The Enka vs North Buncombe Friday, March 12 game started off slow in the first quarter until a buzzer-beater touchdown. NB’s quarterback Joe Jones carried the ball over the end zone with 54 seconds left on the clock. The first quarter wrapped up with a field goal scored by NB’s #56, Yemi Monteze.  

In the second quarter, Enka retaliated with a touchdown-Dallas Phillips carried the ball over the end zone. Shortly thereafter, Jones scored for NB with a 60 yard run. #56 followed up with a field goal, again scoring for North Buncombe.

Dylan Carry secured a touch down for Enka. #26 tagged behind Carry’s success with an excellent field goal. 

Jones nabbed yet another buzzer-beater touchdown with 34.2 seconds before halftime. NB’s kicker, #56, scored another field goal just before the second quarter ended. 

Third Quarter Triumph

Setting the tone for the second half of the game, Jones bagged another touchdown by carrying the ball clean across the end zone. The follow-up field goal by NB was a success. 

Noah Ponder (#33) then intercepted a pass and made NB’s fifth touchdown. At this point, NB was dominating the game 35-13. Keagan (#2) caught a pass in the end zone for NB. Their follow up field goal was blocked by Enka’s #7. 

Enka secured its third touchdown as #9 caught a pass. They did not make the following field goal. The score was then 41-19. 

During the fourth quarter, Keagan caught an amazing pass, making the last touchdown for NB. The team secured the succeeding field goal for the final game points. 

The final score was 48-19, North Buncombe. 

Editor’s note: This report was done with the aid Natalie Cole.

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