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Babe’s Pizza Opens Business in Weaverville

Owner Bob Myers shows off the double-decker pizza.

Weaverville – Babe’s Pizza and Treats of Burnsville just opened its newest location in Weaverville. Husband-and-wife duo Bob and Phyllis Myers, met in Florida but returned to Phyllis’ former residence, Burnsville, soon after their 2016 wedding. Upon moving to the Tar Heel state, the Myers soon realized that there weren’t any great pizza joints in Burnsville. 

With his 30+ years of pizza business experience in Florida, while Babes was born in Florida, Bob, who is originally from West Virginia, didn’t bring his recipes from Florida; rather, he started over from scratch. 

What might surprise you is that Bob is 82-years-old. That’s right 82, but he has the energy of someone much younger as running two pizza locations takes a lot of time and work. 

Asked why he started a pizza location in Weaverville, Bob said, “I lost two wives, one to cancer and one to a brain tumor and I married a lady from here down visiting her mother in a nursing home in Florida.” He went on to say they moved back to Burnsville after they married and while he likes to hike and play tennis, “I got bored and so I decided to go back in the business.”

His pizza joint’s specialty is “Double Decker Pizza,” a pizza baked on top of another pizza. “The double-decker is like two pizzas. One on top of the other…You’re getting two layers of sauce, two layers of cheese on two thin-crust pizzas,” says Bob, as he constructs a pepperoni double-decker. 

Bob has a few secrets for making excellent pizza. The first is that he never uses frozen dough. Another is that he places all meats underneath the cheese with veggies on top. That way, the crust can absorb the juices from the meats leaving no small pools of grease on top of the pizza. 

All sorts of delicious food can be found at Babe’s. Pizza flavors include Hawaiian, chicken alfredo, bbq chicken and Philly cheesesteak. Other foods selection including subs and wings is available. 

Seeking a sweet treat? Babe’s has dozens of ice cream flavors and a ton of different pastries. 

Babe’s Pizza and Treats is open for dine-in, carryout or delivery at 285 N Main St in Weaverville from 11 am to 9 pm Tues-Sat with a pizza buffet from 11-2 weekdays. Their phone number is 828-519-9119.
Editor’s note: Clint Parker helped with this article.

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