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New Massage & Health Center in Mars Hill

Dr. Rakhshani.

Mars Hill – Mars Hill’s Massage and Health Center, a full-service client-centered healthcare facility, has opened its first location in Mars Hill. The new facility will be officially opening its doors on April 1st 2021. 

Comprised of seven offices, two of which are currently occupied by ‘The Yoga Wellness Center,’ while the Mars Hill’s Massage and Health Center’s other five offices are ready to house other healthcare providers.  

Dr. Rakhshani, the founder of the Mars Hill’s Massage and Health Center, hopes the center becomes a bridge between the Western and Eastern approaches to healthcare. “If you are having a heart attack or any other acute condition, pharmacological solutions can save your life.”, said Dr. Rakhshani. He also added, “but once your situation is stabilized, you may want to ask yourself why you had that heart attack or the acute condition in the first place and that is where Eastern medicine becomes extremely useful because it aims at removing the root causes of your health disorders rather than just addressing the symptoms.”

Having lived in India Dr. Rakhshani for thirteen years has been practicing, training and conducting clinical research in the field of yogic sciences and Ayurvedic medicine. He moved to south Asheville in 2013 and established The Yoga Wellness Center, which offers a host of mind-body therapies, including medical and Ayurvedic massage.  Dr. Rakhshani holds a doctoral degree in yogic/Ayurvedic medicine and is a frequent guest speaker at many different organizations including the UNC-A Health and Wellness Department.

The Mars Hill’s Massage & Health Center will host a variety of different health and wellness professionals offering complementary therapies. The Center will be open Monday through Friday 9 am – 6 pm (closed 1-2 for lunch).

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