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Think of Us As GMO-free

Photo by Daniel Schludi

AshevilleMy mom came down to my house for Easter a week ago. When I say came down to my house, I may be mistaken as it might be coming up to my house. I’m never sure what to say since I live downriver from her but up north of her, but I usually say down to my house.

Anyway, that’s beside the point. I went to pick her up as she doesn’t like to drive on the interstate anymore. That’s what children do, take care of their parents when they start getting up in age.

When I got to her house, she masked up before she got into my car. However, she had taken the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 “vaccine” shots several weeks earlier and her waiting period was up for the shot to have taken effect. I asked why she was wearing the mask, and she said it was because “My family and I had not taken the shot.”

Now, I would never discourage anyone from taking the “vaccine,” but what good is a “vaccine” if you still have to mask up even after you take it? Is it really a “vaccine” if you still have a chance to get it?

Ok, I’ll admit that I am in the high-risk groups for dying if I was to get COVID-19. I have high blood pressure and diabetes. Still, I chose to take my chances with COVID. It’s one of those things where you wonder if the cure is worse than the disease? I don’t know. I do know that it’s my preference and right, for now, not to take the “vaccine.” So, I’m depending on my immune system and God to take care of me. If the good Lord sees fit to allow me to die via COVID-19, I understand.

On the other hand, my mom wished to get the “vaccine,” and I never said anything to hinder her. She’s a big girl and can make decisions for herself.

For me, there still too many questions surrounding the “vaccine.” Like for decades, science has tried to come up with a vaccine for the common cold virus with no luck. Yet, in under a year, they come up with a cure for the COVID-19 virus?   

And the reason I’m putting the quotes around “vaccine” is that I’ve never heard of a vaccine that allows you to catch the disease still and just have milder symptoms. I hear that this “vaccine” is really a gene therapy and makes the COVID-19 virus part of your genetic make-up. Some say your body will make antibodies for the virus from now on. Not sure if that’s good for your immune system, but just some things I’ve heard.

I’ve heard of people ending up with COVID-19 after getting the shots, and we know a doctor whose daughter died the day after getting the shot.

Look, I’m no doctor or scientist, but I also didn’t take a flu shot every year either. I hope we can all respect each individual’s decision to take or not to take the “vaccine.” Maybe in five or seven years after those of us who choose not to take the “vaccine”  see how those who did have fared, we might change our minds. For now, just think of those of us who don’t take the “vaccine” as GMO-free.

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