Trout Stockings Resume

Western North CarolinaThe public got the bad news last week that trout water stocking had been suspended due to the gas shortage. Today, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission announced they would resume trout stockings. An updated stocking schedule has been posted to their website at ncwildlife.org/trout.

Last week the agency postponed trout stockings due to the fuel shortages caused by the temporary shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline. Additional updates and news can be followed on the Wildlife Commission’s social media channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Due to COVID-19, they encourage the public to visit ncwildlife.org to purchase fishing, trapping and hunting licenses and to renew a vessel registration. 

You can also get N.C. Wildlife Update — news including season dates, bag limits, legislative updates and more — delivered free to your Inbox from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission.

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