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A Jocular Jeeves Vignette, NC Stage Fund-Raiser

NC Stage Company’s two-day online fund-raiser is celebrating almost 20 years of theatrical productions.

Asheville – NC Stage Company put together a Jeeve’s production as they approach their 20th season for a fundraiser–Beyond the Lights.  This never-before-seen production is offered online to ticket holders at 7 pm on June 16th and 17th. The Jeeves vignette, titled “Bertie Steps Out,” will be one portion of the evening. Many have enjoyed their delightful productions over the years. The cast includes some talented, familiar faces: Maria Buchanan, Charlie Flynn-McIver, Ben Mackel, Rebecca Morris, Peter Thomasson, Scott Treadway and Callan White.

Margaret Raether charmed theatre-goers by adapting P.G. Wodehouse’s short stories and books into hilarious plays. Wodehouse is known for his captivating humor, quick wit and plots filled with farcical scenarios for his iconic characters, including Bertie Wooster (played by Scott Treadway) and his valet Jeeves (often played by Michael MacCauley). NC Stage Company showed the trials and tribulations that plague the pair in many productions over the years:  “Jeeves Intervenes,” “Jeeves in Bloom,” “Jeeves Takes a Bow,” and  “Jeeves at Sea.” 

Attendees can select one evening to attend the year in review, the brand-new Jeeves vignette and a look ahead for this company. You can reserve online (ncstage.org) or by phone (828-239-0263). While the event is free, guests are asked to consider making a donation.

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