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Ty Keplinger Expands Horizons as CFP®

Ty Keplinger

HendersonvilleTy Keplinger, Edward Jones financial advisor in Hendersonville, advanced his knowledge in many areas by becoming a certified financial planner.

Keplinger has served Edward Jones clients in Hendersonville since 2015.

He recently completed the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards coursework through Wake Forest, then passed the certification exam. In all, it took him a year and a half of studies while working. Merely 12 financial advisors in Hendersonville have CFP® certification, according to its board’s website.

Topics include ushering clients through the financial planning process, assessing risk management, handling investments, tax-related strategies, investing to match estate planning, and helping manage employee and retirement benefits.

“I pursued this training and the CFP® designation to better serve the more complex needs and goals of my clients,” Keplinger said. “I have greater knowledge and vocabulary now, to give the client the best options.”

The ultimate goal is “providing competent, comprehensive advice and guidance,” Keplinger noted. “My team’s objective is simple: We focus on understanding our clients’ unique personal values and financial needs — in order to create and deliver customized financial solutions.”

He elaborated: “Our process includes identifying and tracking multiple short-term and long-term goals, and communicating regularly to deliver timely information.”

Edward Jones “advanced solutions experts” are key resources. Keplinger emails clients the Jones weekly update.

Local specialists are consulted, too. “There are times when you might need to talk to your CPA, or an estate planner” regarding investment decisions, he said. “I frequently work closely in tandem with other professionals, in order to coordinate efforts and help ensure that strategies are consistent and effective.”

Five years ago, he earned Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS ®) accreditation from the College for Financial Planning.

He realizes how “everybody’s situation is most unique” regarding investments.

Some people trade stocks and switch sectors more often than others, and might have enough buffer in savings to go with riskier stocks. Others are more conservative and into preserving their retirement nest egg such as with diversified stocks and bonds, and riding out valleys of stocks with promising long-term earnings growth.

High, reliable dividends provide a steady income flow to help pay bills. This is especially helpful for retirees living on a limited fixed income.

“Most of my clients are either retired, or getting ready to retire,” Keplinger noted. “Some moved to this area. They had a great relationship with a financial advisor. But it’s difficult to maintain that relationship long-distance. So they look for someone here, to help with investing in the next phase of their life.”

A financial advisor passes on knowledge, suggestions and feedback to concerns and wishes of clients. In such ways, the advisor is like an athletic or life “coach,” Craig St. Thomas observes. He is regional investment consultant for T. Rowe Price, based in Charlotte. St. Thomas was the guest speaker at Keplinger’s recent luncheons for clients in Echo Mountain Inn.

To retain CFP® certification, one must update training and uphold ethics and responsibility standards. “You can’t stop learning,” Keplinger reasons.

Keplinger leads seminars in person and online for his clients, in addition to conducting one-on-one consultations and strategy sessions.

The UNC-CH alumnus first instructed about finance to other Army soldiers, in two combat deployments overseas – in 2009, then starting in 2012. He was an Army engineer officer in 2006-15.

Between missions “I made time to look after my soldiers — their health, and their financial well-being,” Keplinger said. “I made it a priority to educate my soldiers about the importance of saving and investing regularly for one’s future. I did not want to see them spend it all on a new car, when we returned home.”

Keplinger served on front lines in Iraq, then Southern Afghanistan where his 120-person Combat Engineer Unit detected and removed improvised explosive devices (IED). He was second in command. Then he was company commander over 115 soldiers in a Headquarters Engineer Unit, again in Southern Afghanistan, in his second deployment. They supported “deconstruction” by forward operating bases.

He served in the N.C. National Guard in 2002-06 and 2015-19. He captained the Reidsville High tennis team.

Keplinger is on the Kiwanis Club of Hendersonville board, and will be its president-elect effective in Oc

the Kiwanis Club of Hendersonville board, and will be its president-elect effective in October. “When I transitioned to civilian life, I wanted to continue public service.  I want to make out a difference.” He adds, “I have a passion for youth education and veterans’ services.” He conducts an annual holiday toy drive at his office.

He credits branch office administrator Jackie Fowler for diligently assisting clients. Ty and Lauren Ellis Keplinger, a Hendersonville native, met as UNC students. They have four young children — three daughters, and a son.

His office is at 136 King St., suite C. The office phone number is 696-4024.

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