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Weaverville’s Used Book Store Opening

Photo by Mica Cole.

Weaverville – The Friends of the Weaverville Library (FOWL) are excited to announce the opening of the newest used bookstore in Buncombe County on Thursday, July 8 at 1 pm. Located in the lower level of the library at 41 N. Main St., the store will be open Thursdays 1-5, Fridays 11-2 and Saturdays 11-2 with expanded hours beginning in September. The store is stocked with thousands of books, audio books, CDs, DVDs and more. All adult books are priced at $1.50-$3.00, children’s and teen books at $1.00-$1.50 and audio and video at $2.00. There is also a bargain priced area and a collection of “special finds” priced individually. 

FOWL, a partner, volunteer-based organization, are operating the store. The organization had a trial-run earlier this year—they hosted a single-day used books sale May 28. 

“The Friends of the Library has been working towards this for the last couple of years. We were hoping to open in April of 2020, but then of course, COVID-19 happened and so everything was postponed,” says volunteer and retired librarian Jill Totman.

Totman used to work at the library and later returned as a volunteer. 

“I actually was the branch supervisor there for 35 years, and I retired at the end of 2019, but I wanted to continue volunteering with a friend. So I just transitioned at the time of my retirement,” Totman says.

A plethora of genres are divided in sections, including mystery, cooking, science fiction and westerns. With thousands of volumes, Totman is sure that there’s a book for everyone. 

Sales will “help out with library needs that the county budget doesn’t fulfill.” For many years, FOWL has worked to fulfilled the magic of the library. Summer reading programs, pupeteers and storytellers and other youth programs were supported by the group. Each month, they purchase large-print titles and provide 10 magazine subscriptions. 

FOWL also purchased furniture and spearheaded the 2018 rennovation of the teen section. 

“They did a big renovation of the team area with painting and new furniture, posters and stuff like that,” Totman says.

Currently, the bookstore is not accepting donations. Totman says that FOWL will likely resume accepting book, DVD and CD donations in September. 

“We’re hoping after Labor Day to expand our hours and days of the week that we’re open,” Totman says.

Want to volunteer or donate money? Please feel free to contact FOWL at 828-641-1812 or fowl.usedbookstore@gmail.com.

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