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There’s No Middle Ground

Photography by Clay Banks.

Buncombe CountyAs of last week, I am no longer the editor of The Tribune. I have stepped back from the position and the paperwork that goes along with it. I’ll still be writing this commentary page on a weekly basis, along with other news reports. If there are concerns with the newspaper’s layout, the content of the articles or delivery, you should direct those to the new editor found in the masthead. I’ll also still be selling advertising for the paper and look forward to serving your advertising needs. Now this week’s column.

Cultural Revolution

Make no mistake about it; we are under a cultural revolution by the powers that be. Those powers are the national news media, big tech, big business, organized sports, institutes of learning both higher and lower, government officials and bureaucrats, as well as social activists. The most recognizable cultural revolution happened back in the 1960s in China under Mao.

A news commentary I listen to weekly summed up the new “America Woke Revolution” this way – out are old things like fossil fuels, the founding fathers and the electoral college. Out are old customs like standing for the National Anthem and freedom of speech. “Old habits like a work ethic, individualism, are being undermined.”

Everywhere you turn, from schools to media, to entertainment and government—groups are attacking the hallmarks of what made America the greatest country on earth. They are threatening those principles as out of date and old fashioned. It’s time for something new, say the revolutionaries.

The woke promoters want you to replace individualism with communalism. Equity with equality (if you don’t know the difference, look it up); equal opportunity is replaced with equal outcome. Do you really want to reward those who don’t work hard the same as those who do? All of this, like the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 60s, is rooted in communism.

Martin Luther King’s dream of a color-blind society is now called racist and replaced by Critical Race Theory. You’re a racist now just based on the color of your skin. Please make no mistake; this revolution will rip our country apart. Locally, you can thank the City of Asheville Council as well as the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners. 

Students are now taught that they are either the oppressor or the oppressed. They are asked to choose that they are privileged and oppressing others or are oppressed.

I can tell you that 100 percent of the people in America today, whether born legally or who illegally immigrated here, are more privileged than the rest of the world. This country affords you the best opportunity of improving yourself. Just ask any immigrant who came here. 

The Americans who believe this crap that these revolutionaries are spewing are those who think the world owes them a living. They will work only to destroy the greatness of America. 

This is a revolution to fundamentally change America. You either attack the things that made us great or defend them! There’s no middle ground and you’ll soon find that out!

Editor’s note: Derrick Gilbert of Five in Ten inspired this commentary.

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