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Advisory Committee Makes Report on Greenway

Riverside Park.

WoodfinWoodfin Greenway/Blueway Advisory Committee Chairman Walt Brewer made the board’s first report to the Woodfin Commissioners at their August meeting (see article on page 2).

Brewer came to the commissioners with recommendations about the new greenway/blueway, existing parks and a person to help with logo, business cards, letterhead and brochures. 

“I can read the report if you like, but I’d rather summarise,” said Brewer. He said he wants to have a special meeting “just about parking.” Commissioner Don Hensley asked how many parking places are planned. Brewer said about 80, not counting what is currently at the park.

A woman in the audience voiced concern over so much impervious surface and asked if a plan was in place to maintain parking as pervious? “At this stage…a lot of those decisions…are for the design team,” said Brewer.

The committee learned from respondents to surveys put out by the town the desire to see the following at the greenway and new parks: connectivity and accessibility, shelter and restrooms, recreational activities for all ages, including play for kids, habitat restoration and an ecological focus and river access.

The committee also learned that the overarching concerns from respondents were about the water quality of the river, flooding and trying to “avoid a theme park feel.”

The report suggested that the greenway’s width be 14-foot wide where feasible and 12 were restricted and separate restrooms and changing facilities with provisions for outdoor shower/foot wash stations.

Other recommendations:

• Education

• Beach area water play for kids

• Nature play/playground

• Night lights/ lighting

• Train platform

• Seating near the wave

• Grills

• Bike racks

Existing parks

Brewer then spoke on existing parks starting with the poor signage at the current parks. “We don’t have very good signage,” he said. A discussion followed whether Woodfin should have unique signage or signage that compliments that of Asheville with no decision being made. He also said that additional checks on the park appearance should be made twice a week instead of once. 

The report from the committee made the following recommendation that should “be addressed immediately.”

Geneva Maney Park:

• Secure the chain-link fence, which does not enclose the playground, opens directly onto roadway, and makes it unsafe (and likely unused) by families with younger children who are a flight risk.

• Slide is disconnected at top and on side supports but remains sturdy somehow. Doubt it would clear a public-school safety inspection.

• Graffiti removal

Riverside Park:

• Signage needed labeling restroom building

• Increase regular maintenance/janitorial services for restrooms (no toilet paper available on 6/18 and trash bins dirty)

Roy Pope Memorial Park:

• Increase regular maintenance’/janitorial services; bathrooms appear dirty on 6/18, recycling bins were so full that cans and bottles were sticking out of the openings

• Cracked step on slide needs evaluation for repair Community Center Basketball Court

• Add one hoop & new net on both rims

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