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Illegals Getting Free Airfare?

Photo by Jakob Rosen.

Hendersonville – U.S. Representative Madison Cawthorn introduced the No Fly for Illegals Act yesterday. This bill prohibits federal funds from being used to compensate an airline for transporting an alien for the purpose of the alien’s entry into, or relocation within, the United States if the presence of such alien in the United States is unlawful. Rep. Cawthorn is joined on this legislation by cosponsors Rep. Scott Perry, Rep. Jeff Duncan, Rep. Greg Steube, Rep. Ralph Norman, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Randy Weber.

Rep. Cawthorn issued the following statement on his legislation: “Illegal Immigrants are being flown to, and relocated across, our once secure nation with no regard for our nation’s laws or families safety. I’m deeply troubled by the reports regarding the crisis at our southern border and the dangerous and unlawful immigration policies of the Biden Administration. Under President Trump, we saw a secure border. Under President Biden, we see no border at all. I refuse to watch illegal aliens be unlawfully flown and relocated to our beautiful states on the taxpayer’s dollar. This is why I introduced the No-Fly for Illegals Act.”

Rep. Steube joined Congressman Cawthorn, stating “The left’s push for open borders has progressed into taxpayer-funded transportation of illegal immigrants into and around our country. This is a serious national security threat and the antithesis to a secure border.”

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