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Local Tells His Ordinary Man Story

Weaverville“The Life of an Ordinary Man,” is a book you will thoroughly enjoy and perhaps it will inspire you to write your own life story.

Many of us lament that after our parents are gone, it is too late to ask questions. So, for his children, grandchildren and future generations, Bob Hays wrote his life story. Hays has lived in the Asheville area for many years. Some of you might remember him and his wife Zora as owners of The Hays House restaurant on Weaverville Highway. The restaurant was an ideal lunch location for many local factory workers in the area in the 1960’s.

Born in Indiana, Hays went from the military, to Crosley Manufacturing in Richmond, Indiana, to the personal finance business – as a collector and manager – to making doughnuts, to a full-fledged restaurant and motor court business, to real estate sales and then to building houses. He met his “beautiful red-headed wife” while on assignment in Washington D.C. He and his wife live in Weaverville. He tells his story as if you’re sitting in the living room with him. No fancy words, just plain talk, blended with entertaining stories.

If you want to read local history from an ordinary man, Bob’s book is now available for $22 at The Prescription Pad (formerly Weaverville Drug) on Main Street in Weaverville at the intersection of Merrimon Avenue.

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