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Civil Grand Jury to Hold Gov’t Reponsible

Asheville – A group of Buncombe County citizens have determined the schools have no authority to require students to wear masks, or take vaccinations, or sit through lectures on critical race theory for that matter. North Carolina law requires the wearing of masks, but these people cite as their authority the Magna Carta, or even their hearts.

They impaneled their own civil grand jury. This is not a grand jury as set up in North Carolina General Statutes, but one of their own design. They claim any citizen has the right to form a grand jury. The names of the jurors need not be made public, and all deliberations are held in private.

Last week, this group published three findings of its civil grand jury. The first was, “that the People have the innate authority and responsibility to decide for themselves and their children whether they need to wear a mask. Business owners may also decide this issue for their business and whether they want their customers to wear masks. The State may only inform and make recommendations on this issue keeping in mind that they can and will be held responsible for their words and deeds and any breach of fiduciary duty.”

In papers served to the county, the civil grand jury instructed members of the school board to, “notify all of the school personnel and give notice to the public and all parents by radio, TV, newspaper and internet that the wearing of masks is at the option of the parents. The commissioners were instructed to give the same kind of notice to the People and all businesses.

The second was, “that neither the County nor State has the authority to compel any of the People to take a COVID vaccination or deny them any right enjoyed by those who have decide to get vaccinated. Suffice it to say that real science was presented and acted upon with respect to vaccines which Big Pharma has no fiduciary duty or responsibility to anyone in the event they are harmed, which has happened too many times.” The boards were, “hereby instructed to give notice” as spelled out above.

Thirdly, “Since the teachers and administrators alike have now been informed that the parents claim their estates which includes their children, the Grand Jury hereby instructs the Buncombe County School and all of its teachers, administrators, and all others that they must not be taught Critical Race Theory or the same by any other name without the express written consent of the individual parents. If some or any parents should so desire this for their children, the school can accommodate those parents at its discretion.”

School personnel were further ordered to refrain from offering students medical equipment, procedures, or tests and from speaking about anything outside of reading, writing, math, physical education, history, or civics.

The notices were served, for dissemination, by the civil grand jury’s foreman, foreman pro-tem, secretary, and one other member. They were received by Commissioner Robert Pressley, school board liaison Kim Matthews, and somebody named Aaron at the sheriff’s office. The papers gave the implicated parties 72 hours, or until noon Saturday, August 28 to comply.

Speaking in the name of the People, the Buncombe civil grand jury made public one study published in <em>JAMA Pediatrics</em> as evidence. They added, “It is known and proven that gain of function research was conducted at UNC Chapel Hill until funding was taken away in 2014. Then Dr. Fauci and others transferred the research to the Wuhan lab and continued funding the research.” The People further complained that no charges of crimes against humanity had been filed by anyone against the peurveyors of government rules, recommendations, and mandates on masks and vaccines.

More Background –

Information the group constituting the citizens’ grand jury provided about themselves cited an unauthored white paper, “The Civil Grand Jury: The Penultimate Exemplar of Government of, by, and for the People.” It included an article, “Time to Indict the Political Class!” by activist attorney Larry Klayman, who wrote, “The civil grand jury is the surety of the peace. Any problems with government must be resolved by the grand jury. The civil grand jury has the last word – no appeal.” Klayman is now using these grand juries to indict Hunter Biden and Dr. Fauci.

More seriously, the Buncombe civil grand jury does not accept the 1971 North Carolina constitution. They cite former NC Secretary of State Elaine Marshall’s claim that the state is a “federal instrumentality,” as well as other legitimate concerns about government overreach, as cause to revert to the 1776 version of the state constitution.

Another document was provided on de jure (by right) grand juries in the “North Carolina republic.” It read like bylaws, but Googling strings of text did not return any sources. It explains, “the one supreme Court established in the Constitution for the United States of America republic c. 1787, at Article III refers to a sovereign court, the one supreme Court. Because the for profit, corporate US Supreme Court was later created by Congress, it is inferior to the sovereign one supreme Court as are all other for-profit, incorporated courts.”

To qualify for impanelment, potential jurors must be of age and sound mind and also residents of “North Carolina republic” for at least a year. What exactly constitutes citizenship in said jurisdiction is not spelled out, although one website,, exists for citizens living within the territory of the State of North Carolina, but with … desire to adhere to what most people consider its …

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