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Why Do We Send Our Kids to School?

Asheville – Why do we send our kids to school? To be educated or to be indoctrinated? I always thought it was to learn reading, writing, math, science, and history/civics.  When I went to school, sexuality and race were not discussed either in the positive or in the negative. The sex education section of the health book in PE was covered in a basic and modest way and then only for maybe a day or two (and it sure the hell wasn’t in first grade!) 

I’m not sure if we should even call these things schools anymore. Maybe indoctrination centers would be closer to the truth. Teachers are spending valuable class time on non-educational topics that should be discussed by parents at home and are failing miserably in providing a sound education.  Apparently, it’s more important that our children conform to ideologically approved thinking than it is that they are prepared to succeed in life. Case in point……I got a note from a friend who has a child in the first grade at a school here in Asheville. She received an email from her child’s teacher that said, “As some of you may know, October is LBGTQ history month. Here at Invest Collegiate Imagine Charter School, we have staff and families that are part of the LGBTQ community, and we want to join them as they celebrate their history. As a part of our goal to create a truly inclusive and welcoming school community, it is important that we include everyone’s history and accomplishments in our studies.”  Why don’t we have Korean history month then? or Native American history month? or Scottish history month? or heterosexual history month? etc, etc. (Just asking for a friend.) Based on the proposed reason for this agenda, the school is already discriminating against the other groups of people! The email from the teacher went on to list the LGBTQ history books they would be reading this week and then having a student-led discussion after each book was read.  How often have you heard first graders having an unprompted conversation about gender politics and gender identification? Like never! So how are they supposed to have a student-led conversation in the schoolroom unless they are being coached in the conversation? In any other world, we would call that indoctrination. 

The teacher also gave the parents At Home Discussion Questions. Keep in mind these are FIRST GRADERS.  The questions included, “Do you know what LGBTQ stands for? Do you know anyone who identifies as LGBTQ? Do you understand that people can fall in love with people of the same gender? Does anyone treat them differently? Have you heard any of your friends use terms that are not friendly or nice towards people that identify as LGBTQ? How did that make you feel? What do you think about that? How do you think those terms and/or bullying affects the individual, family members, or friends?”  Regardless of what anyone’s opinion on LGBTQ issues is, this is not developmentally appropriate for first graders. These are not appropriate questions for first grade or for any school grade for that matter. 

Now that I am a parent, I don’t want my kids learning about the complex, personal subject of sex, sexuality or gender from a school.  I also do not want them learning about race from the schools. Every child matures at a different rate physically, mentally and emotionally and it should be left to the parent to talk about those subjects at home at a time, pace and way they deem appropriate for that individual child.  

Why are we classifying people by skin color, gender, sexuality or religion? Why can’t people just be people? Why are some people automatically assumed to be oppressors by the color or their skin or religious or political affiliation and others assumed to be oppressed by the same measures? Isn’t this by its very nature racist? In doing this we drag all humans down to their lowest level as if these “classifications” are the most significant characteristics of our fellow humans.

What happened to “We the people”? We divide people now by race, gender, religion, politics, mask/no mask, vaccine/no vaccine? Whose agenda does this serve? It’s a great way to conquer a people if you distract and divide them by all of these things.  I find I can get along with almost anyone, even if I disagree with their stances on particular issues. The media has so divided us that civil, adult conversations are now few and far between. Our society was built on the premise of healthy, robust, public debate.  Unfortunately this insidious division is being propagated from K-12 in our schools and robbing our children of the future they deserve. We now have to deal with state sponsored racism.

 UN Representative Mohamed Safa said, “Our world is not divided by race, color, gender or religion. Our world is divided into wise people and fools. And fools divide themselves by race, color, gender, or religion.” Apparently our NC schools would like to add sexuality to Mr. Safa’s list as well. 

If you have a concern about this or other issues facing our children contact Invest Collegiate Imagine Charter School, or through NCDPI.

Publisher’s Comment: The preceding was sent to us by a concerned parent living in Buncombe County. We welcome all parent’s comments about school affairs. This letter has been formatted and presented as our Publisher’s article.

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