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Really, Is it That Big of a Deal to Get an Address?

Buncombe County – One of the first things I learned when I was growing up was my address and phone number. So when I started asking about Buncombe County Sheriff Quentin Miller’s new address after his home burned down and he was displaced, I figured it was no big deal, right? Apparently it is. 

Now it’s not like we started asking right after the fire—we waited until he filed his organization statement in July (see story page 3). You’d think he would have settled into a new location by then. Nope, his statement of organization had his old residential address and, well, there’s nothing there but an empty lot.

So we asked Aaron Sarver of the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office to verify the address that we sent. It was a yes or no question, but instead of answering the question, he told us to wait until December to see what address was on Miller’s filing papers. He later told us that Miller’s information could not be released to the public since he was a government employee. What? I thought he was elected. I’m pretty sure all elected officials’ residential addresses are public information. Again, we asked Sarver to confirm the address we sent, which was already public information. Sarver then told us to contact the board of election if we wanted to file a challenge. 

Wooo, why so defensive, Aaron? We never said that we wanted to challenge his residency, only to find out for the public.

Next, we emailed the sheriff directly since he was pretty transparent at the community meeting he hosted in Leicester. Yet, after two weeks, we’ve heard nothing from Miller. Huh, glad I didn’t have any real hard questions for Miller.

We have word from Tiffany A. Holden, Candidacy & Canvass Program Specialist with the North Carolina State Board of Elections in Raleigh, that: “If a candidate moves from the address that is listed on the notice of candidacy form, he or she would need to update their registration to reflect the address change.” Not only that, but, “Additionally, they would need to update their campaign finance information to reflect the address change as well. This update should be done immediately.” 

I would think more than six months after his home burned would fall into the “immediately” range. I’m not going to hide the fact that we’ve heard Miller has been living several places: Mills River, Henderson County, Asheville and Oakley, but nothing has been confirmed. Oh well, who knew an address would be that big of a deal?

Just a word on COVID mandates

I haven’t touched on the COVID vaccine in a while, so I’d like just to give a short note on that subject. A CNN article said, “Two real-world studies published Wednesday confirm that the immune protection offered by two doses of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine drops off after two months or so…”

As we know, COVID is a virus. Like the flu virus, it often mutates, so it appears those vaccines will become annual or even semi-annual.

Now, if you don’t vax, you can lose your job, medical care, be dishonorably discharged, banned from restaurants, movie theaters and more.

Thousands of people in the medical field last year that were called heroes are now let go from their jobs because they refuse to take the vax. This places more stress on an already over-stressed system. 

Our president issued a mandate that all government employees and companies with more than 100 employees have to get the vaccine, not considering natural immunity or people who have adverse reactions to vaccines. It’s madness.

Look, I’ve never believed that the vax is the mark of the beast, as some people have stated, but man, when the Bible says they won’t be able to buy or sell unless they have the mark, I think we’re getting close.

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