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Sherrill Ends 32 Years on Council

Dottie Sherrill.

Weaverville – After 32 years, Weaverville fixture Dottie Sherrill is not serving on the town council. Sherill, whose term was up this November, chose not to run again.

“I was elected to council in 1989 and served 32 consecutive years. I ran and was elected in nine elections. My first two terms were two years [each], and then council changed terms to be four years,” explained Sherrill. “I worked under Mayors Reese Lasher, Larry Sprinkle, Bett Stroud, Al Root, and Patrick Fitzsimmons. I was mayor from 2013 to 2017. I served as Vice Mayor all terms except my first and last ones and the one I was mayor.”

After decades on the board, the Tribune asked Sherrill what she was most prod of during her public service. She couldn’t name just one. 

“So very much was accomplished while I was in office. To highlight them, I would have to say: going to the Ivy River for Weaverville’s water supply and the Water Treatment Plant, constructing the new Public Works building, building the new town hall which housed the Police Department, erecting a new state of the art fire department and finally the construction of our beautiful community center.”

To top it off, the council voted to name the new community center and the knoll on which it sits in her honor.

Big Impact in a Small Town

And what would the town’s annual Christmas Parade be without her? Sherril is even helping with this year’s parade, which will probably be her last as she trains a replacement for the next grand marshall. Asked how many years did she help organize the Christmas Parade, Sherril said, “Mayor Lasher appointed me my first year on council to ‘help’ with the Christmas Parade. He didn’t like the idea of two citizens having to beg money to have a parade. He wanted it to be sponsored by council. These two persons [I joined] later disagreed with a then town manager and quit. That just left me and I decided to organize it my way. We only missed two parades in 32 years. One because of a bad snowstorm and one because of COVID-19. The parade isn’t the only thing I have helped with. I chose the snowflakes that grace the town at Christmas, used to decorate at the clock for autumn season, help on the Weaverville Patriotic Activity Committee and anything else that I think that is necessary to keep the small-town feel. I have always considered myself a working council member.”

Asked the biggest issue to face the town while she was on the board, she replied, “The biggest issues had to be making the decision to go to the Ivy River for our water supply. The town was heavily divided, as half wanted to continue with Asheville for water. Woodfin and Mars Hill at one time wanted to join us in going to the Ivy. It would take too many pages to explain all that went on during those trying days.”

While 32 years is a long time to serve the people of Weaverville, Sherrill was asked, ‘was there something that the town failed to accomplish that will leave her with regret?’ 

Sherill said, “I lived here most of my life. One can only imagine the changes I have seen. I know it is very hard to control growth, but it has to be done in the correct manner. It is inevitable that Buncombe County civilization is headed North, as the South end has already exploded, but I must say I miss all the rolling mountains and hills covered with animals. Now I see apartments, condos, etc. At the same time I have made many new friends that loved our town enough to move here. I also enjoy that most of my shopping can be done right here in Weaverville.”

So what’s Sherrill going to be up to now that she is no longer on the board? 

“I have many hobbies like crocheting, making cards, playing games with friends and hanging out with friends. Who knows, I might even learn to cook!”

Looking back, Sherill said, “ I have loved my job serving the town I so love and I will still continue to help out in any way possible. Just call on me.”

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