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Floral Arrangements For A Festive Home

Photo by Alisa Anton.

Asheville – Festive floral arrangements are wonderful decorations for the holiday season. No matter what you celebrate or how you celebrate it, flowers are a beautiful way to do so.

Before you begin thinking about what kinds of flowers you’d like to decorate your home with, think generally about how you’d like the arrangements to look. Are you envisioning lots of traditional vases with bouquets? Banister arrangements? Wreaths? Think about the spaces within your home, as well as the decorations you already have, and how you can utilize both to maximize your arrangements.

Once you decide on what kinds of setups you want to go for, you can then think about accessorizing. Would you like add-on decorations, such as a Santa Claus figure, a snowflake or a dreidel? You can also play around with ribbon texture, color and length. Depending on what setup you have, you can also choose to incorporate candles of varying sizes and colors. Look at the decorations that you already have from throughout the years to see what you might like to incorporate into your arrangements.

Thinking about your overall ideal end product before you even begin searching for flower types will help you stay true to your holiday vision and stay within your budget.

Now, on to the flowers themselves. Of course, the poinsettia is the classic Christmas flower — you cannot go wrong with it. The bright red flowers contrast beautifully with the deep green leaves. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, there are many combinations to try.

For red flowers, try roses or carnations. For white flowers, the obvious first recommendation is the Christmas rose (the name comes from the fact that the flower usually blooms around Christmas time). Other good options for white flowers include lilies, hydrangeas and white roses. For an extra delicate touch, baby’s breath is perfect.

While the flowers’ stems and leaves will provide some green, branches of pine needles are festive additions as well. Light green athos poms can add a less-traditional pop of green and can be beautiful in arrangements for Kwanzaa or Christmas.

Blue flowers like hydrangeas and delphinium are popular options for a Hanukkah or New Year’s floral display, and they pair wonderfully with the aforementioned white flowers.

Of course, while they’re not exactly flowers, be sure to deck the halls with plenty of holly and mistletoe for a traditional, comforting look if you’re celebrating Christmas.

If you aren’t happy with the flower options for your desired colors, don’t be afraid to think about artificially coloring. Whether through food dye in the water or paint on leaves, you can get creative with originally white flowers. This is especially something to consider if you might like a flash of gold or silver in your arrangements.

If you’re still unsure about what kinds of flowers you’d like to decorate your home with, your local florist is sure to have ideas for gorgeous arrangements of all kinds already. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them for a consultation.

No matter how you celebrate the holiday season, it is undoubtedly a time to cherish with loved ones. If you are hosting a get together during the season, consider giving your guests parts of your arrangements as thank-you’s. If you’re attending a gathering hosted by someone else, consider bringing an arrangement to their home. This not only spreads the holiday cheer, but it does so in a sustainable way that ensures that your flowers are enjoyed by the most people possible.

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