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Buncombe County Schools Virtual Academy Graduates

Buncombe County Schools Virtual Academy Graduates. Photo submitted.

Asheville – Buncombe County Schools Virtual Academy (BCSVA) is a versatile educational program designed to respond to the needs of students and families who are looking for opportunities beyond traditional school schedules.

Building on their experience providing online courses and services to students in their traditional schools and students in unique circumstances, BCS has combined multiple tools to partner with families in our area to offer a full set of courses and enrollment options for students in grades K-12. Full enrollment in the BCSVA is free for families residing in the BCS school district.

BCSVA also stands for: Bold, Compassionate, Strong, Versatile, Ambitious. 

BCSVA Purpose: Our purpose is to create a flexible, accessible, and supportive learning environment that encourages students to pursue their goals and strive for excellence while receiving a high-quality education outside of the traditional classroom.

Our students will develop the ability to boldly explore paths to a successful future, to show compassion for those around them, to strengthen their resolve, to respond to a changing world with versatility, and to gain a driving ambition to continue working towards their goals.