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Chestnut Mountain Golf Course Welcoming New Members

Tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountains around Mills River - situated between Asheville and Hendersonville, near the Asheville airport and on the Buncombe/Henderson county lines is the Chestnut Mountain Golf Club. Photo courtesy of CMGC.

Mills River – A perfectly beautiful golf course tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountains around Mills River, situated between Asheville and Hendersonville, near the Asheville airport and on the Buncombe/Hendersonville county line, is the Chestnut Mountain Golf Club. New management has taken over what was once the High Vista Golf Club, which stopped playing last December. Now a new chapter is beginning on the same picturesque property. Real estate development had been discussed as an option for the property, but with new investors willing to take a gamble on a beautiful spot, the decision has been made. This golf course will become a semi-private club with two categories of membership: golf members and recreational members.

New members of the Chestnut Mountain Golf Club are enjoying the 4th of July golf tournament. Photo courtesy of CMGC.
New members of the Chestnut Mountain Golf Club are enjoying the 4th of July golf tournament. Photo courtesy of CMGC.

This 18 hole Chestnut Mountain Golf Course, designed by Tom Jackson, backs up to the slopes of Chestnut Mountain and offers a true mountain golfing experience. Not only can one enjoy a daily connection with wildlife—the sounds and sights of croaking frogs, spotted fawns with their moms, and wild turkeys on a tree limb—but also one can drink in the constantly changing horizon and skyline with the trickling waterfalls, reflecting ponds, and softly rolling streams. All this, as you enjoy a game of golf. For many years, this course was only open to those living in the gated High Vista community, allowing some public play. No longer is that true. Community golfing neighbors are being invited to join and participate in the growth and future of The Chestnut Mountain Golf Course. Their new website is Membership until August 15th is an incredible value and surely will be seen as an amazing bargain. After that date, the fees will undoubtedly increase.

Membership Options

There are two categories of membership in this semi-private club: Golfing and Recreational. Until August 15th, a Golf Member would pay an initiation fee of $3,000 for a single golf membership, then pay a monthly fee of $200 or a family membership at a monthly fee of $275, which includes children under 25 or full-time students. A Recreational Member can enjoy the beauty of the area, participate in the non-golf activities, and walk the golf paths with their favorite furry companion during non golfing hours. He, or she, will receive 3 annual passes (and can purchase up to 18 additional rounds per year) and is allowed on the property by paying a $1,000 initiation fee and only $50 a month. There are many golf clubs in Western North Carolina with exorbitant initiation fees. Just call around to double check their rates.

Thus, it is no wonder golfers, once they have heard about this course and seen it, are rushing to sign up before August 15th “to get on board” and be a part of the next chapter. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. At a later date, plans are being made for the course to be open to non-members as well, but currently there is no public play.

A new chapter has begun in Mills River, and many changes are taking place. Here is a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself away from the bustling, noisy city life; away from honking cars and bumper-to-bumper traffic jams. A crew of experienced landscapers is working daily to restore and bring new life to this scenic property with its panoramic views. Those who have already joined the club have started to play.

Tournament Caliber Play

There was a kick-off golf tournament for members on July 4th, with golfers getting back into the swing of things. Congratulations go to Kevein and Terry Schwab and Joe and Mason Ball for their Independence Day tournament wins. No, this isn’t a link course or a flatland near the beach or ocean. Be sure to remember: you are in the mountains, on a challenging golf course. You have to tee off carefully, using just the right club, or you may be in trouble on the next shot, having placed your ball in some totally inaccessible spot. One cannot consider this an easy golf course. It is beautiful and a treat to play—challenging, fun, and exhilarating.

Golf carts? As of this week rental carts for use have arrived. Thirty new golf carts have been ordered but will not arrive until November or December. For $22 golf members can rent a lithium golf cart for  18 holes. There are stickers for golf carts for Golf Members with their own cart. Currently the course is not open for public play. The course is open from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM; golf members can book tee times up to 2 weeks in advance. There is currently no driving range or practice area, but the Club is working to find an area for that.

Construction of a new pro shop will begin shortly, to be housed in the existing cart barn. The former pro shop in the original stone homestead built in 1928 is being turned into a private residence for the investors. The hope is to have the new pro shop completed within eight weeks.  Food service is offered to players before and after their play at the Robinson Pub. Apparently, the fairways and roughs are in very good shape. As the grounds lay idol for a few months, improvements on the greens, irrigation systems, and cart paths are all be taken care of as quickly as possible. A Toro sprayer has been delivered, so fertilizer and other chemicals are being applied. This will be followed up with small fine aeration and top dressing, as well as seeding the bare spots.

There is great excitement with high hopes for the future of this stunning golf course and green space south of Asheville in Mills River.

For questions, contact Don’t miss out on this opportunity.