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Lion’s Club Holds its Biggest Annual Car Show

Weaverville – On Saturday, automobiles filled the baseball field at Weaverville Primary School. Not just any automobiles, but special vehicles from classics to customs to hot rods and everything in between as the Weaverville Lion’s Club held their annual car show. This year’s event was the biggest so far, with more than 120 different vehicles entering the show.

The event helps fund the club’s projects, said Dr. Woody Bolinger, a member of the Lions and a local dentist. According to Bolinger, this is the 18th such car show held in the town. It would have been 19, except the club was down a year because of the pandemic.

Bolinger said the event’s entry fee of $20, along with raffle ticket sales and donations, goes to pay for things like scholarships for students at North Buncombe High School and the other projects of the civic group, like providing eyeglasses and hearing aids. This year the group was able to provide eyeglass screening to local elementary school students, said Bolinger.

Attendees to the car show got to see motor vehicles from decades past as well as the latest in exciting and unique rides. Some are decked out in chrome and finely painted and polished; others, with their years of patina, are kept original for preservation.

How did the Lion’s Clubs get started? The group’s website states that “In response to social problems created by World War I and rapid industrialization, a Chicago businessman named Melvin Jones invited business clubs from around the USA to a meeting where the Association of Lions Clubs was formed.” Their mission statement is “To empower Lions clubs, volunteers, and partners to improve health and well-being, strengthen communities, and support those in need through humanitarian services and grants that impact lives globally and encourage peace and international understanding.” The local Weaverville Lion’s Club chapter has been going since it was formed in 1949.

Editor’s Note: All photographs were taken by Clint Parker.