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Buncombe GOP Picks Former Democrat, Replacing Their Sheriff Candidate

Trey McDonald. Staff Photo.

Buncombe County – Buncombe County Republican Candidate for Sheriff Jeff Worley, citing health reasons, has dropped out of the race on August 2nd against Democrat incumbent Sheriff Quinten Miller for the November election.

The Buncombe County Republican Executive Committee has selected Trey McDonald to run against Miller. Until very recently, McDonald was a registered Democrat. That fact has not stopped at least one prominent Republican from supporting McDonald. 
Ben Jaramillo, former GOP candidate for Sheriff who lost to Worley in the primary this year, posted on Skyline News’ Facebook announcement about McDonald, “Ok, everyone I’ve known Trey for over 20 years. When he got out of the Army, he wanted to be a highway patrolman. I believe Hunt, a Democrat, was the Governor at the time, so he did what he needed to do to try and get a job with the state. Trey is a good man and has values that stand for the victims, not the offenders. I will support him because I’ve known [sic] him and worked with him personally. Good Luck, Trey. ”

Worley, who some had questioned whether he even lived in the county and was eligible to run for Sheriff, changed his Facebook info on August 10th, stating that he lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.