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Hendersonville “Caregivers of Mother Earth” City Celebration

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Hendersonville – The City Council voted unanimously on Thursday, September 1, 2022 for Hendersonville, NC to become the cornerstone Caregivers of Mother Earth (COME) city. With this decision, the combined voices of the mayor, city council, and Environmental Sustainability Board further strengthen our city’s commitment to our children and the environment. A Community Celebration is scheduled for September 24th at 10:00 AM at Patton Park and the entire community is invited. Mayor Barbara Volk will read a proclamation for our children, plant a magnolia tree and dedicate a park bench to honor all our Caregivers of Mother Earth from this summer’s farm and nature camps.

Caregivers of Mother Earth, a local non-profit, was formed in August 2021 by Elle Travis of Hendersonville to help connect children with nature. Her inspiration has spread citywide as she encourages people from all walks of life to (COME) together for our children and Mother Nature.

Going forward, look for more edible landscapes and community gardens as Caregivers of Mother Earth help weave other sustainability programs such as Bee City, Tree City, and Bird Sanctuary together as a model for others to follow. Come celebrate on the 24th.
For additional information, email elle@caregiversofmotherearth.org.