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Woodfin New Home to Fermented Food Biz

Meg Chamberlain, CEO of Fermenti, has open a retail store in Woodfin for her products. Photo submitted.

Woodfin – “Fermenti is thankful to present this location and hopes to preserve our heritage through providing probiotic-rich foods and the resources needed to create these living foods locally!” That statement came from Meg Chamberlain, CEO of Fermenti, in a press release about the opening of her business’s new location in Woodfin at 175 Weaverville Highway.

Chamberlain lives in Marshall with her family. The company had production going at the Madison Extension Office until they found their new location in Woodfin. A grand opening celebration is scheduled for Saturday, February 4th, from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Asked how she got interested in making fermented foods, Meg said, “I became interested in fermented foods when my husband came home one day from his Amish friend’s house, where he taught him how to craft it. Years later, I [rediscovered] my need [for it] and [my] appreciation for it when it helped me lose over 200 pounds. My daughter was born by emergency c-section, and postpartum was rough. It took around two years, but it aided in taking back my life after the trauma of the birth and in releasing all that weight.” 

What you may not know about fermented foods is that “regularly consuming fermented foods has positive effects on blood sugar levels, has lots of fiber to support proper digestion, contains probiotics and prebiotics and digestive enzymes, supports overall heart health, supports cognitive function… I could go on,” said Chamberlain about the health benefits of fermented edibles. “We have over eight hours of info about it on our free YouTube channel and a link on our website (www.fermenti.biz).” 

Not only will they have free samples of their products at the Woodfin location, but they will also be carrying all the Fermenti products people have grown to love. For instance, their award-winning kimchi, sauerkraut, Sichuan carrots, lemons, hot sauce, and salsa, but also their unique small batch ferments like chow-chow and ramp kimchi.

Fermenti also has reliable fermentation kits and its own line of probiotic-rich pickle dust, jalapeno salt, and kimchi spice. They also will be stocking their new line of drinkable brines, which they will be announcing early next year.

“Other local food makers like Well Seasoned Table and Ali Rae Pimento Cheese, [with] whom we collaborate to make one-of-a-kind foodie items, will have a place alongside incredible ferments by other local fermenters in their cooler to highlight the breadth and width of serving suggestions you can get from fermented foods,” Meg added.

According to the company’s press release, “classes and workshops will be [offered] quarterly with both advanced and beginner levels available. We are excited to announce the creation of a new Fermentation Club, where we will meet to talk, share ideas, problem-solve issues, & craft a ferment of the month to take home! We also will carry tools of the trade like hand-turned wooden kraut pounders and handmade fermentation crocks from local artists as well as Selina Naturally Celtic Sea salt, to help new fermenters embrace fermenting it all.. “Our hope is that people of all ages will know they have a safe place to come and explore the world of fermented foods and all the wonderful things it can cultivate in your life. Fermenti will still be available in all [of] its current store locations and will still be found at the East Asheville Tailgate Market.

The store is currently open on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., but its hours will be expanded in the New Year, along with its class and workshop schedule, which will be announced.