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New Retail Center Slated For Westall-Chandley Lot

The old Westall-Chandley property is getting a retail center. Photo by Clint Parker

Woodfin – Last week, the Tribune reported on the demolition of the old Westall-Chandley Lumber Store off Merrimon Ave. The nearly 10,000-square-foot structure built in 1927 was torn down by a track hoe, and the remains were hauled off.

Ricky Hurley, Planning Director for the Town of Woodfin, said, “The property owner received approval for the redevelopment of the property as a small commercial center.”

According to Hurley, “a complicating factor in the redevelopment was that a substantial portion of the lot is located within a regulated floodplain that requires compliance with the local flood damage prevention regulations for any demolition, renovation, or new construction that occurs.”

“The developer has been in coordination with Buncombe County Permits and Inspections in the review of the new construction for this permit, as well as other permits, including for the demolition permit of the former lumber yard,” Hurley told the Tribune. “Additionally, the Town was aware that demolition had been planned for some time by the owner, who was awaiting issuance of all necessary permits.”

The issue of the old building had been brought up at the Woodfin Town Council’s monthly meeting by town resident Peggy Lyle, who asked council members what could be done about the old Westall-Chandley Lumber Company building, which she said was a hazard to the community since the structure is in a state of decay. Asked if Lyle’s question to the council had any bearing on the demolition of the building, Hurley said, “We don’t believe the discussion at the council meeting had any bearing on the timing of the work.”

What about the “small commercial center”?

According to Buncombe County tax records sent to the Tribune by Hurley, the property is owned by JCS III, LLC. “Below is a snapshot of the NC Secretary of State business entity look-up results, which list Carr Swicegood as the registered agent,” said Hurley. “Carr Swicegood was also the same person who applied for the zoning permit with the town, which was issued on April 1, 2022.”

Swicegood told the Tribune, “We’re doing a 5,800 square foot retail center.” He said that of the four available spaces, two have already been filled with a Clover CDC Chop, and You Break I fix repair shop. He hopes to have the other spaces filled by the time this article hits the newsstands.

“We’re glad to get that cleaned up for the neighborhood out there and build a new building back typical to the one I built down the street at 96 Weaverville Hwy,” said Swicegood. “I really like Woodfin, so we’re looking forward to adding some more services and cleaning the neighborhood up.”