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Dog Kennel Removal from Park Proving a Dilemma

Woodfin wants the building gone, but they also want to recycle what they can which is presenting a dilemma. Photo by Clint Parker

Woodfin – The Town of Woodfin is in the middle of taking bids to demolish the building at Silver-Line Park. The building, once used as a dog kennel facility, has been deemed unsuitable for future use and has to go.

During this month’s meeting of the Woodfin Parks and Greenways Advisory Committee, the chairman of the committee, Walt Brewer, talked about the dilemma of removing what he calls “the salvageable materials” from the building before the demolition work begins.

Brewer said to remove salvageable materials requires labor, and so far the only one to step forward was New Life Church. He said it’s only his opinion, but since they are the only ones to come forward to help, any proceeds should go to the church.

“It seems to me that some decision should be made by the board or by the staff as to what can be done with the materials that are removed,” Brewer told the board.

Asked by Woodfin Project and Facilities Manager Adrienne Isenhower who else he had spoken with about removing “the salvageable materials,” Brewer said he talked to a man who might be interested in the roof. The church was the only one who had come forward to help with labor. He said he also talked with Habitat for Humanity, which told him there was nothing they could use because of the labor involved.

During the board’s discussion, several topics came up, including liability if someone was to get hurt, money from the sale going to the church, and coming up with a list of what might be usable.

Isenhower said the tentative goal was to have the building down by April. Currently, only one company has put in a bid to do the demolition, but Brewer said it was common for bids to come in right up until the very last day. Isenhower said they are looking at that area first for restroom facilities and then possibly pickleball courts, but she wants to wait until the bids are in for the demolition of the building before anything else.

A free yard sale was also talked about for the “salvageable materials,” but they would have to be brought out of the building in order for people to take them.