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Short Agenda During Town’s Monthly Meeting

Police Chief Michael Dykes present Officer Colbey Mchaffey with the Officer of the Year award. Photo by Clint Parker.

Woodfin – In a swift town council meeting, Woodfin Town Council made fast work of the meeting agenda for the public before going into an executive session.

The council approved the consent agenda to get the meeting underway, including approving streets capital projects fund budget amendment and a resolution adopting a new storm drainage policy. Next was a public comment, where no one spoke.

Town Manager Shannon Tuch then presented her report to the board. She first went over the new contracts or purchase orders by the town since the last meeting, including iWorQ (stormwater software) for $5,500, a Norfolk Southern contract for work on the blueway for $24,842, and a contract to Lancaster Excavating & Demo for $63,500 to demolish and remove the block and metal building at Silver-Line Park.

In her report on administration, Tuch said the town hall /town Center needs and feasibility study was underway, with interviews this week and next week. That staff was working on end-of-year budget projections and FY2024 budget preparation, and a new town clerk would begin work on March 27th.

In her planning report, she said public meetings on the town’s Comprehensive Plan would be held on April 11th and 13th, that after a 40-hour Board of Adjustment on a development hearing, board members have asked for additional training tentatively scheduled for April as the board has five further appeals pending.

Under the stormwater report, Tuch said the Stormwater Assessment & Prioritization was underway, and coordinating with Buncombe County staff on transferring stormwater permitting to the town should occur in May or June. The rate Study was progressing, and the town was looking at utility billing system options.

In the last report on parks, public works, and facilities, she said the Silver Line Park building demolition contract was awarded, and work would begin on April 1st. The Public Works salt shed would occur during the summer and fall, and parks re-fresh of areas with sand and mulch was now occurring along with the re-opening of park restrooms.

Tuch also asked the council to name Town Planner Ricky Hurley as the zoning administrator for cases after October 2022. Tuch said she would be responsible for all cases before that date. The zoning administrator is responsible for administrating and enforcing the town’s zoning code. She also asked the council to give her the power as town manager to appoint the moving forward. The council appointed Hurley.

She also asked the council to consider re-consolidating the planning board and the board of adjustment into one board with dual roles. She explained the ‘pros’ as it would aid in recruiting and retaining board members, resulting in fewer canceled meetings, keeping board members engaged, and more efficient use of staff and volunteer resources. The ‘cons’ would be the dual role requires better-trained board members and could result in long agendas.

The last item of business before the council went into closed session was the presentation of the police department’s 2022 Officer of the Year award presented by Police Chief Michael Dykes. Dykes said the award is chosen by vote by the department’s officers and not by him. He then named Officer Colbey Mchaffey as the officer.

After accepting the award, Mchaffey said, “We have a lot of great officers in this department that have helped get me to where I’m at. Everything from my field training officers to my supervisors, the chief taking me in and teaching me a lot of things. This is a great town to serve. I know you all [the council] feel as lucky as I do to serve.”

The council then went into an executive session with the council meeting by phone with their lawyer as he had a family emergency and could not attend the meeting in person.