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“Birthright”: An Enjoyable and Enlightening Read

Timothy Alberino’s 2020 book, “Birthright – The Coming Posthuman Apocalypse and the Usurpation of Adam’s Dominion on Planet Earth.” Photo by Clint Parker.

Buncombe County – Take Biblical scripture, mix in Greek and Roman mythology, add a dash of non-canonical books along with some transhumanism, a few postulated theories, and a sprinkle of UFOology, and what do you get? Timothy Alberino’s 2020 book, “Birthright – The Coming Posthuman Apocalypse and the Usurpation of Adam’s Dominion on Planet Earth.”

Who is Timothy Alberino? His bio on the back of his book calls the Montana resident “a modern-day Indiana Jones…a writer, explorer, and filmmaker whose inquisitive mind and intrepid spirit have led him all over the world on investigative expeditions.”

Alberino’s book reads like a fictional tale written for a major motion picture screen, but Alberino did not write it as fiction but as a worldview and his way of making sense of the crazy world in which we live from a biblical viewpoint. His book is well-footnoted with sources that Alberino draws from to develop his theory of why the world is the way it is and what it means.

The 300-page book starts somewhere in time before Adam was created in Genesis to when “the elder brothers” of mankind were created – the angels. Alberino calls the angels our “elder brothers” because the angels look like us – or rather, we look like them. He bases the description of the angels that way on verses found in the bible that state humans can “entertain angels unaware” and that “we (humans) were made a little lower than the angels.”

He explains God gave man, male and female, the rule of the planet. Lucifer, who already had a chance at ruling, advocated his rulership when he fell sometime before Adam and Eve’s fall. The fallen angels led by Lucifer have been trying to regain rulership ever since. According to Alberino, Lucifer has tried several methods to achieve his goal, from the fall of humans in the Garden of Eden to modern-day transhumanism. Lucifer plots to reappropriate the throne.

Alberino then takes the book on a journey through Earth’s past using the Christian Bible, Greco-Roman mythology, non-canonical books like Enoch, and the legend of Atlantis to build his case. Starting with Genesis chapter 6, where a few angels tried ruling through their progeny, resulting from a human-angel offspring created from a union of “the daughters of man” and the “sons of God,” creating what the Greco-Roman mythology called demigods and what the Bible called Nephilems or giants.

He said God ended this attempt with a worldwide flood and started over with eight people. Alberino then says that the humans began to worship the spirits of the demigods by building idols and offering sacrifices to them, including their children. It came to the point that the rules of all nations were in the control of Lucifer, as demonstrated by his offer to Jesus in the wilderness that Satan would give Jesus the kingdoms of the world if only he would fall down and worship Lucifer (Matt 4).

Alberino believes that after Charles Lydell and his theory of “uniformitarianism” and Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, the human race started preparing for a return to this paganism.

Here he enters into his UFOology, saying that “aliens” are here to create this hybrid race to retake dominion from humans in a posthuman world. He goes into great detail to explain his alien theory of their origin, their goals and the governments that are aiding their efforts. A concept that would be written off as coming from a nut just seven years ago, but not so much now with the government disclosures of this so-called “UAPs” (unidentified aerial phenomenon). We are now in what he said is the transhuman phase which started just after the year 2000 when the human genome was mapped.

Lovers of alternative theories of the Bible, aliens, history, and Greco-Roman mythology will find this book an enjoyable as well as enlightening read.