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Blade Changes Course: Running for Council Instead of Mayor

Josh Blade. Photo submitted.

Woodfin – Josh Blade has decided not to run for mayor of Woodfin, as he told the Tribune a couple of months ago. Instead, Blade plans on running for a seat on the council, according to a press release he sent to the Tribune.

Expressing Gratitude and New Perspective for Woodfin Town Government

“First, I want to thank everyone who is supporting my effort to bring a fresh perspective to the Woodfin Town Government,” Blade begins his release. “I’ve received many encouraging comments, especially from young, career-aged residents who want a candidate they can relate to.”

He goes on to say, “After very careful consideration, I have decided that pursuing a town council position would provide more leverage for my constituents. My skill and passion are working directly with people. I will listen to and implement new solutions to problems we face, including fair, living wage jobs, safe communities, and responsible conservation of our natural resources.”

Change of Plans and Name: From Mayor to Council

Blade, 35, told the Tribune in January that he intended to run for mayor. Blade, whose original name was O’Neil, said he legally changed his name from O’Neil to Blade because the apostrophe in his name made it difficult, especially with government registrations. “I did change my last name a few years ago. The reason is because my last name was O’Neil, and there was always a problem with the many different ways the name could be spelled, especially with the apostrophe. The punctuation couldn’t be entered into certain computer systems, it made it difficult when trying to retrieve my name in company databases, and even the DMV couldn’t put it on my license. Eventually, I decided to change it, and I chose a name that I liked, would be easy to spell, and had no punctuation.”

Dedication to Woodfin Residents and Voice for Change

Blade’s release ends with, “I have lived here for 20 years. This is my home, and I will work hard for all those who live here. To all Woodfin residents, I want you to know that if elected, I will never stop fighting for you. My vote will be your vote.”

Asked about the change in office he is running for, he told the Tribune, “I’ve received many encouraging comments and positive messages, and after taking those into consideration…I wanted to represent the town as its mayor, but what I want more is to help the people of our town in any way that I can. That is why I believe having a vote on the council would be the best way to give the residents a voice and an avenue for change.” His campaign website is