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Edwards Celebrates Inclusion of Amendments in Defense Act

U.S. Rep. Chuck Edwards. Photo Provided.

11th Congressional District – US Congressman Chuck Edwards announced the addition of two crucial amendments which he authored to this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which recently passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support.

The first amendment put forth by Edwards is aimed at bringing the Department of Defense (DOD) to Western North Carolina (WNC) to explore the potential for military and training installations in the region. Edwards expressed that many of his constituents have called for such facilities, and he believes that WNC’s topography is comparable to that of several US adversaries, including China. “I strongly believe that our military should have the opportunity to train in similar environments,” said Edwards.

Under this amendment, the DOD will conduct a thorough survey of the 15 counties in Western North Carolina as possible locations for future defense assets. The findings will then be reported to Congress, opening the door to possible regional strategic advancements and troop training and maneuvers in the area.

Additionally, Edwards says, “I also introduced amendments to establish a new, innovative workforce development program at DOD, to reform the way that the DOD and other federal agencies acquire vehicles, and to deepen investigations into fentanyl found at military facilities. While these were not ultimately included in the NDAA, please trust that I will continue to support our nation’s troops and defense capabilities every chance that I get.”

In his efforts to promote fiscal responsibility, Edwards celebrates the NDAA’s ability to save taxpayers a whopping $40 billion or 5% of current defense spending levels. These savings are attributed to the elimination of inefficient defense programs, outmoded weapons systems, and redundant Pentagon bureaucracy. Notably, over $23 billion will be saved through the divestment of obsolete aircraft, over $1.1 billion from the decommissioning of outmoded ships, and over $3.8 billion from cuts to weapons programs that failed to meet development milestones.

The NDAA also addresses several pressing concerns, including pushing back on wokeness in the military, countering Communist China’s aggression, demanding accountability from the Biden administration, and assisting 8,000 service members discharged for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine with a path back to service.

Congressman Edwards takes pride in the inclusion of provisions that offer 5.2% pay raises for servicemembers, strengthen strategic deterrence, missile defense, and hypersonic capabilities, and improve military and industrial-base readiness. Moreover, the NDAA fosters innovation while addressing additional defense priorities, emphasizing the government’s commitment to safeguarding national security.

“I am proud to have contributed to the bill that also bans critical race theory, ends the overreach of the military’s chief diversity officer, prohibits funding for drag shows, and puts an end to woke ideological flim-flam within our military,” Edwards declared.

With the successful passage of the NDAA, Congressman Chuck Edwards celebrates the advancement of vital amendments and remains dedicated to ensuring the strength and resilience of the nation’s defense capabilities.